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10 Smart Tips to Unpack your Boxes after the Move

Unpacking is the last stage of your entire moving process after the packers and movers deliver your goods. And it also requires the same amount of effort from your side. In general, most people want some relaxation before unpacking their boxes.

They want to get relieved from the stress of moving day. So they procrastinate in unpacking their bags. But, the truth is that you can’t escape from this work. And it is only you who can accomplish this task perfectly.  Some people don’t take any rest and start unpacking their boxes just after the move. These people end up facing many challenges while unpacking their stuff. Unpacking your bags requires the right determination and patience from your side. You can also learn some strategies to unpack your boxes effortlessly.

Here are the proven tips to unpack your boxes without any stress: –

1. Follow a Systematic Approach

Make sure to use a systematic approach while unpacking your bags. Remember, unpacking without planning only makes your home a mess. It is best to refer to your inventory before unpacking your bags. This would provide you ease during the unpacking process. Go through your inventory to find out the boxes you have to open first. Cross-check the labels of the boxes with your inventory list and then unpack your bags. This will help you know which box is meant for which room.

2. Place the Boxes in the Right Rooms

Once you check all the labels of your boxes, it’s time to place the boxes in the right rooms. Do this quickly to avoid any misunderstanding. This would help you a lot in managing your unpacking task efficiently. Half of your work is done if you quickly place these boxes in their rooms. This will make your unpacking process easier as now you have divided the boxes wisely. And you only have to unpack the boxes in the rooms to which they belong.

3. Unpack the Necessary bags first

First, you should unpack the bags with necessities. This is the best way to start your unpacking process. These are the boxes that you carried with you in the car. These boxes contain necessary things in them. Some of these boxes possess the following important articles in them: –

  • Important documents
  • Medications
  • Basic toiletries
  • Computer and phone chargers
  • Basic items for food preparation

4. Unpacking the Bathroom Stuff

Unpack the bathroom stuff after unpacking your essential boxes. However, you don’t have to unpack every single item in your bathroom. Look for the items that you will use while using the washroom. These items include hand soap, toiletries, toothbrushes, shower curtains, etc.

5. Unpack the Kitchen Items

Now, it’s time to unpack the items in your kitchen. If you have already labeled the kitchen boxes, you won’t have problems in locating your kitchen items. However, the best would be to unpack the stuff you need. You can unpack some items such as pans, pots, toasters, and coffee pots. Your kitchen will take most of your time as there are many small items you will have to place in the kitchen. So, it would be best to organize your kitchen when you have sufficient time for that.

6. Unpack your Bedrooms Next

After the kitchen, proceed to unpack your bedrooms. Take out the linens of your bedrooms from the bedroom boxes. It is crucial to get your bed on the first day after your move. After all, you are tired after the move. So, you will definitely want to take a rest. However, it would be good to decide the positioning of the furniture before unpacking your items.

7. Arrange your Furniture

Next, you should start arranging the furniture in your new home. However, it would be easy for you to place your furniture if you already have a floor plan for your new home. Make sure to create a systematic plan while arranging your furniture in your new home. Assemble the large furniture and place them at the right place.

8. Unpack the Materials of your New Home

Once you are done with setting up the necessary rooms, it’s your turn to set up your living room. There are a lot of things to manage in your living room. Arrange the furniture, TV, video games, etc in the living room. Remember, the living room will be the most important room in your house. So, spend more time in setting up this room.

9. Unpack your Guest Room

The guest room will be the last room that you will need to unpack. You can start with placing your furniture in the room. After that unpack the items you will need for the bed in your guest room. This room is also important to set up as any guest can visit your house to see your new home. Your relatives might also visit your new home to see it.

So, if the guest room is ready, they won’t have problems in staying in your home. Look for other important things that you can set up in the guest room.

10. Manage your Utility Areas

You will also have to set up your utility areas. However, put them last on your priority list. Make sure to manage the space before unpacking. Also, unpack the materials and tools that are important for your home. A few important things you need include storage containers and shelving units.

Other Important Unpacking Tips

Here are the other unpacking tips that will be helpful for you:-

  • You must plan to set up each room if you are unpacking several boxes at the same time.
  • Make sure to unpack essential items only. This is a good start to your unpacking process.
  • Enjoy your time in your new home once you unpack all the essential items of your home. Also, make sure to take out some time to set up your home.
  • If you have little kids then encourage them to unpack their bags on their own. This will let the kids enjoy unpacking the stuff they need in their rooms.


The above tips will help you accomplish your unpacking processes like professional packers and movers Mumbai to Bangalore. You can learn other unpacking tips to minimize your time and energy while unpacking your goods.

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