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6 Best Baby Soaps in India

It is imperative to have 100% assurance before applying any product to your child’s body. New moms are always sceptical about the safety of the product and want only the best. Especially in a country like India where our mothers and grandmothers have followed only natural and ayurvedic formulas to nourish the baby’s body, the new moms of the present generation have to rely on any baby product ( Soaps, Oil, Baby powder) with just a word. Seems difficult, so they are willing to venture into new waters.

Best baby soap in India

A baby’s skin is extremely soft and sensitive and is prone to allergies. The question is, which brands can be trusted? Plain water isn’t enough, so what should you use instead? There are a few aspects to keep in mind before choosing the 5 best baby soaps in India for your little ones. Make sure the soap you choose is non-toxic, gentle, fragrance free, sulphate and paraben free and hypoallergenic (if your baby has extremely sensitive skin). Look for ingredients like olive oil, honey, cocoa butter, milk and almonds in the products you choose for your baby.

Nourish My Body Organic Baby Soap - Best Organic Soap for Babies in india

1. Nourish My Body Organic Baby Soap – Best Organic Soap for Babies in india

This soap is made using three certified organic oils and is free of harmful fragrances, phthalates, parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate, with reviews and critics’ rave reviews that make it an ideal soap for babies as well as adults who Whose skin is extra sensitive. It is a bit pricey but it is definitely worth the investment if you don’t want to risk your baby’s health.

2. Ayurvedic Baby Soap with Honey, Lavender and Goat Milk

What is it: – Best Ayurvedic baby soap in India made with oil and butter completely free from Chemicals Benefits:-

  • Gentle-Healthy Skin Cleanser for Soft Skin
  • Relieve dryness and itching and soothe irritated skin conditions
  • Keeps scalp and hair soft and nourished
  • 100% chemical and preservative free
  • no fragrance no colour

Suitable for: – Tonic for all baby/infant skin and body types: – Dry and sensitive delicate skin and baby eczema

3. Shea Moisture Baby Eczema Soap: Best Baby Soap for Eczema shea moisture baby soap

As the name suggests, this soap is recommended for babies as well as adults who suffer from eczema, skin allergies and other extreme skin conditions. Frankincense and chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and rash while argan oil and shea butter moisturiser while leaving skin soft and smooth.

Rustic Arts Baby Soap

4. Rustic Arts Baby Soap: Best Organic Soap for Babies best organic soap for kids

This soap imitates eco-friendliness in every aspect. It’s packaged in shiny cloth pieces and made with organic ingredients that are pH neutral. It needs to be wrapped to avoid its quick melting and it is not a tear-free soap. It does not contain any added preservatives, colours or fragrances.

5. Dermadew Baby Soap: The Best Soap Recommended By Skin Doctors Dermadew Soap

It is excellent for somewhat dry skin and does not cause any side effects or allergies. For children with minor skin allergies or who have dry skin, this soap made with plant-based ingredients is an ideal choice. It can be purchased from drug stores through proper prescription and is also available on Amazon.

6. Dove Baby Bar

It One of the most widely used baby soaps, the bar contains no carcinogenic ingredients. The soap contains one quarter moisturising cream which has a hypoallergenic formula and is also paraben free. It has got the best reviews from the customers till date and is one of the most famous baby soaps in India.

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