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7 Things Your Shopify Grocery Store Must Have

During COVID-19,  online grocery sales have increased hugely which was never seen before.  More than half of consumers bought food online. As Shopify, being a prominent hosting platform, it started a food marketplace.

As Shopify hosting services for online food shops, grocers can take it as an advantage to expand and grow their offerings. Whether you are just building a Shopify grocery store or already built one, but thinking to skyrocket the sales by improving it. Then, you are in t right place. Here in the article, we included the best thing that your Shopify Grocery store must-have.

1. Personalize Shopify store

Enticing customers is one important thing that every grocery store owner should eye for. Your consumers are more likely to see related products and offer that they are going to buy. Customizing stores is the main key feature that takes your store and consumer relationships to another level.

Being a Shopify owner, it’s your job to assist customers to discover the perfect products. So, get the store personalized. Customization can boost sales by suggesting products to your visitors through analyzing clickstream manners. Email personalized emails automatically that include products that they added to their cart or clicked. By doing these you can increase the probability of purchase. Personalization boosts sales, and conversion and reduces cart abandonment.

2. Simplify Checkout Experience

Ensure that your potential consumers can finish their checkout process easily before attracting them to the Shopify store. Research proved that the normal cart abandonment percentage is 69.8%. So,  7 out of the 10 people leave the store without even buying anything.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, preview the checkout and remove friction. Make it informative and simple. Make sure to add things such as:

  • Display shipping rates while checkout
  • Add Discount codes to your customer’s cart
  • Make the cart editable by shoppers
  • Add Familiar payment methods
  • Add status tracking, conversion & language options, and contact page for any edits in the order
  • Email confirmation about order purchase

Remember, that Shopify operated with over 100 payment gateways so look if your account is working properly.

3. Eye-catching images

Customers only see the groceries that you sell through pictures on your website. So, present the product’s images in a way that attracts consumers right after seeing them. Try to include graphics and excellent visuals on your website. One of the most important things that your Shopify website should feature is the best quality product pictures. That offers the first best opinion about your product to the consumers which also plays a key role in buying decisions.

Display your products flawlessly along with the different color options.  Make sure the images are high definition and aren’t small or large. An impressive good quality product image triggers an acknowledgment from the consumers. Also, best-aligned images impress customers whiimprovesove the chances of being fantastic on Shopify websites.

4. Striking content

 If a person visits your website after knowing about your brand then they might be interested to buy something from you. Even if they found your store randomly, it’s your job to make them explore your website and products.

They need some push to bite or explore your products and what can do better than the content.  Along with photos, add who you are, your location, and show how trustworthy you are. Two things that you should make sure of are the About US and Product descriptions content that also includes the content for your homepage.

Write small snippets wherever suitable, and add 1 or 2  short intros regarding business on the homepage or as an intro for the About page. You can add snippets about ordering situations or about anything on shipping policies and product pages. A FAQ page is best to add snippets about many topics. Hire  Best Shopify agency to get help from a freelance writer.

5. Adaptable Delivery services

Multiple time options and delivery dates and for the convenience of your consumers make you stand the best in the industry. Offering flexibility in terms of choosing time and date for the delivery can make the choice delivery as per their schedule. You could also give options that access consumers to choose a time slot.

 So people have clarity regarding the delivery of their order in a certain time slot. So, there is no need for your delivery team to waste their time with attempts of failed delivery.  Add time and date slots depending on location and make customers pick delivery time and date from the accessible delivery dates.

6. Multi-platform marketing

Just having a Shopify store is enough to boost the sales and turn to multiple platforms to market.  Facebook Ads are best to look at. Add the Facebook Pixel and build a retargeting ad to boost sales conversion. Avoid spending money and focus to drive in free traffic. Visit Pinterest and publish the picture of your product and pin other images to promote well.

Instagram is another best place to post product pictures, share links to products, and find influencers to sponsor your products. Have a blog then share the article on Twitter. With retargeting ads and free traffic, your brand can be less likely to break even acquisition rates but can develop an efficient online store. Contact Shopify agency as NOIR & BLANCO, which can help you with Shopify SEO, Paid Ads, and Organic traffic at a fair price.

7. Fast loading website

People just find online grocery shopping fun, so don’t disappoint them with buffering. Because no one has the patience to wait till the pages or products load.   The understanding of speed creates a big difference for the eCommerce business. Mobile pages load quickly by one second and experience a  27% improvement in the conversion. A 100-millisecond delay could damage your conversion rates by 7%.

These overwhelming numbers can be scary but you should be aware of them. By the way, a fast-loading site has a  better ranking on the Google SERP. So, do website or image optimizations to make the website load faster. Consult, Shopify web design and development experts at  NOIR & BLANCO to improve your website load speed

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