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8 Amazing Gift Ideas for Kindle Users

8 Amazing Gift Ideas for Kindle Users

Are you looking for a gift idea to give a Kindle owner? These are some great gifts for Kindle owners.

Amazon Kindle devices are widely recognized as one of the most popular readers today. These devices are so popular that many book lovers have one. It’s difficult to find the right gift for someone you love.

There are many great gifts for Amazon Kindle owners. Here are eight amazing gift ideas for Kindle owners.

1. Subscribe to Kindle Unlimited

A Kindle Unlimited subscription is a must-have for serious book lovers. You can get access to more than a million ebook titles and thousands of audiobooks for a few dollars per month. This includes well-known magazines such as Time, Marie Claire, and BBC Good Food.

There is no limit on how many ebooks you can download per month. Kindle book gifts Unlimited is a money-saving option for anyone who purchases more than a few titles within a 30-day period.

There are many ebooks on  Unlimited. The number of books available varies by country. You can still change the country that is connected to your account. Head to [Username] > Manage Content and Devices > Preferences > Modify Your Country/Region.

2. A Kindle Case

A Kindle case is essential for anyone who has a Kindle. We don’t think so. Here’s why.

First, Kindle readers can be expensive. The entry-level model costs just $100, while the 32GB version is nearly three times as expensive. You don’t want it to be damaged with that much money.

Secondly, e-readers are not something you should replace every few years. They can last for up to six years if they are properly cared for.

Third, scratches and blemishes are not a good idea if your head is glued to a book for hours every day. They will distract you and reduce your enjoyment.

There are many cases available. We have highlighted the official Amazon case for Paperwhite. However, there are many other options. You should make sure that you select the correct case for the model of Kindle the gift recipient has.

3. Renegade Concepts Kindle Caddy

You might find it tiring to hold a Kindle in one’s hand for long periods of time. Even though your brain may want to continue reading, it is possible for your hands to give up. This is especially true for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other hand/wrist issues.

A stand is the best solution for your Kindle. We recommend the Renegade Concepts Caddy, which is a non-malleable, fixed stand. The Caddy is a small, padded bag that the reader can use to carry their Kindle.

The stand is a beanie bag so you can adjust it to your eye angle, no matter if you are reading on a table, in bed, or in the bath.

4. iKross Clip-On Reading Light

The backlight is available on all three current Kindle models. The quality of the backlight can vary greatly. The backlight of the entry-level Kindle uses only four LEDs. Five LEDs power the Paperwhite, while 25 are used by the Oasis. Some orders do not have any backlights.

If the gift you’re buying is for someone with poor eyesight, it might be necessary to provide some assistance in reading the device in dark conditions. The cross Reading Light is a great solution. The clip has a 0.4-inch space and can be connected to any other tablet. To protect your Kindle’s screen, the clip is covered in a silicone mat.

5. IQShield Screen Protector

Some people are not able to afford the luxury of a Kindle case or a year-long subscription to Kindle Unlimited. A simple Kindle screen protector is a great way to show your book-loving friend that you care by spending less than $10.

The IQShield model has been suggested. The outer coating protects against dust, grime, and fingerprints. However, it also features a film to reduce glare and a wet application method to avoid popping bubbles. Make sure that you purchase the right Kindle screen protector.

6. An Ebook

You can send any ebook from the Kindle Store to someone as a gift. Pre-ordered ebooks and subscriptions are not allowed.

The book can be sent by email or printed with a redeemable code. You can also specify a future date that Amazon will send the email to you. The recipient might be able to open their inbox on Christmas morning or birthday to find the book waiting for them.

Click on the Buy for Others button to send an ebook to someone else on Amazon. Then, you can choose the delivery method and date.

7. Amazon Gift Card

It doesn’t necessarily mean your friend or relative is a bookworm. This can make it difficult to choose the right books for a gift. How can you find out which books your loved one has read?

You can buy Amazon gift cards as a temporary solution. Amazon has gift card designs available in 20 categories. You can choose from physical or electronic gift cards. These categories include Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, Get Well Soon, and New Home.

You can enter your desired amount of money, a message, and, in the case of electronic cards, whether you prefer a static or animated design.

8. Kindle Oasis

Perhaps you should also consider whether the Kindle owner that you are buying for really needs a new Kindle. Amazon updates and refreshes Kindle readers regularly. An upgrade can bring a person’s enjoyment up to a whole new level if they have a device older than five years.

For example, the all-new Oasis now has a 7-inch screen, 32GB storage, 300 PPI resolution, and support for audiobooks. It also features page turn buttons, an IPX8 rating, and a 7-inch screen. It’s well worth it.

Here are more gift ideas for book lovers

These eight gift ideas should be enough to inspire anyone looking for a gift for a Kindle user.

Here’s how you can gift a Kindle ebook to someone you know would enjoy reading.

We hope that you enjoy the products we recommend and discuss. MUO has sponsored and affiliate partnerships. This means that we get a portion of the revenue from your purchases. This doesn’t impact the price of your purchase and allows us to make the best product recommendations.

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