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Computers and Technology

8 major benefits of using PPC advertising

Digital marketing is a broad term and it includes everything from content production to paid ads, and every strategy has its own pros and cons. In this blog, we will be especially talking about the benefits of using PPC advertising.

PPC advertising is a digital marketing strategy that, if deployed in your business, can boost your online traffic and get highly measurable ROI in comparison to other digital marketing tactics. If you are not deploying PPC marketing tactics then you can lose valuable traffic and revenue. Here we will be exploring the 8 major benefits of PPC advertising.

1)PPC contributes to business goals

This is one of the major reasons why businesses use PPC advertising. PPC advertising can help you to achieve a large number of business and marketing goals. Be it a high-level brand exposure to a major lead submission or eCommerce sale.

PPC is a powerful tool that can align website traffic drivers to end goals. In the generation of content marketing and thought leadership, PPC serves the middle of the funnel through advertising content downloads, pushing for app downloads, contest entries, and seeking newsletter signups.

PPC can support different parts of the sales funnel and the route that a visitor takes from awareness to becoming a customer.

2)It can get you immediate results

One of the major advantages of PPC advertising is that it can get you immediate results. PPC campaigns can get you immediate results unlike free content and organic search strategies. Through this medium, you can reach thousands of people who are searching for your services or products.

Roughly one-third of Internet users look for local businesses on a daily basis. That’s a huge opportunity of getting potential traffic especially if you display your link at the top of relevant Internet search results.

PPC is a very effective short-term tactic unlike content or SEO and if you are looking for something first, then PPC is the best thing for you. To enjoy the best outcome from PPC advertising you can reach out to a top PPC agency in Kolkata.

3)PPC is measurable and trackable

Another major benefit of PPC advertising is that it is easy to measure and track. You can check all your performance details including clicks, impressions, and conversions. There is nothing hidden about your PPC performance.

In other advertising channels, the picture is not that much clear. But in the case of PPC advertising statistics are available and it displays how your campaign is performing and what kind of traffic they are driving for your budget.

You can see what you have spent and what it drives you in terms of your goals by sending your PPC traffic to dedicated landing pages and tracking it to conversion with the help of Google analytics. No other advertising tactic allows you to do that.

4)PPC can help you to get a higher return on investment

Businesses not only go for PPC advertising to build their reputation or to stand out from the competition but also to encourage their target audience to convert into their customers. According to a survey in the year 2020, 74 % of businesses stated that PPC was a huge driver for them, generating a major portion of their sales and revenue. PPC helps businesses experience a higher return on investment.

5)PPC can thrive even though algorithm changes

A business needs to create perfect content and plugin best SEO strategies for ranking on the first page of popular search engines like Google or Bing. But apart from that, it is also important to monitor every Google algorithm update that can alter the chances of the business ranking highly.

But PPC is out of this risk. The success of your business will not depend on Google’s whims and evolutions or your website optimization. You will pay for clicks and place them in Google’s search results. PPC advertising campaigns never get affected by any kind of Google algorithm changes.

6)Quick Entry

This is one of the main benefits of PPC advertising. Even if you are just jumping into PPC marketing and are behind your competitors, you can easily set up and run a PPC campaign with only just a little bit of optimization. This is a big contrast to setting up an SEO campaign which takes a lot of time to get the same position and traffic that PPC can provide you within a short period of time.

PPC allows you to target people outside of those who already know about your brand. Other marketing channels like email and organic social do not provide this advantage. You are not limited to your known customer’s list, PPC allows you to create a wide net to find new customers. In addition to that 95% of work is done within the PPC advertising platform- from research to a campaign setup.

7)You can target customers in real-time

One of the best things about PPC advertising is that you can target your customers in real-time. Though the ads don’t show up at ideal times, you can schedule your campaigns to be delivered during particular hours, locations, and demographics with the help of the PPC advertising tool.

You can also monitor results for SEO strategies and content marketing. Though you may not be able to make adjustments to a blog post, web page copy, or link scheme in a few minutes. These strategies take time to evolve- but a PPC campaign can be manipulated in just a few minutes.


PPC advertising allows you to retarget visitors who visited your website but did not convert. You will have to find out those visitors who visited your website but did not convert and serve them ads accordingly. It is an effective way to re-engage them and encourage them to convert, thus increasing brand recall.

Google ads provide you the opportunity to reconnect with those visitors within a specified time frame could be a few days or even a few months.

The best thing about retargeting is that those people are already familiar with your brand and people generally feel more comfortable purchasing from a brand that they have seen before. You can create different types of retargeting campaigns for different types of advertising goals. A top PPC advertising agency in Kolkata can help you in this perspective.

Every person who visits your website is an addition to your sales pipeline. Retargeting provides you with an opportunity to maximize this pipeline.


PPC advertising is one of the most effective ways to boost conversion rates. Though it is not the only marketing strategy that you should consider, it certainly has benefits that should not be overlooked.

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