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Digital Marketing

8 Points To Improve To Increase The Conversions Of Your Website in 2022!

Is your website not generating enough conversions for you? Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it’s time to optimize all that! We give you some tips to improve the user experience and increase your conversions!

The user experience on your website

The user experience is without a doubt the most important criterion when it comes to conversion . When browsing your site , the slightest frustration can dissuade your user from making a purchase or making contact.

This is why the UX of your website must be seriously thought out from its creation!

If your site is already creat, don’t panic, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali several points can be improve!

Here are the elements to optimize to offer the best user experience and increase your conversions!

The loading speed of your site

The loading speed of  your site is very important because 53% of visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It would be a shame to deprive you of these visitors simply because of a site that is too slow.

To test the loading speed of your pages you can use Google ‘s “PageSpeed Insights” tool .

A site that loads quickly is more likely to retain your visitors and guide them to the desire act of conversion.

Especially since the loading speed is now an integral part of Google’s SEO criteria.

A 100% responsive website

Today 91.5% of people with a smartphone use it to browse the internet and the share of mobile browsing is increasing every year, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali which is why it is more than necessary that your website provides a good browsing experience on mobile.

Sometimes certain pages on your site may not be fully mobile friendly which often leads to display issues . These difficulties can unfortunately lead your visitors to leave the site without converting.

To analyze the responsiveness of your website you can use the Google Search Console, it tells you the display problems relate to mobile browsing and the URLs concern.

The navigation and the internal mesh of your website

When designing your website, it is very important to think about the user journeys that your site will offer. The tree structure must be design in such a way as to lead your targets to conversion in as few clicks as possible.

Be careful , however, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali not to add links in all directions to keep a coherent tree structure and not to penalize your referencing.

The objective is to facilitate access to conversion and not to frustrate your users at the risk of seeing them abandon navigation.

The graphic elements of your web pages

The graphics of a site are an integral part of the user experience and they have a definite impact on the conversion rate.

The “call to action”  buttons must be well position so as to be identifiable and clickable as simply as possible.

Sometimes an insufficiently explicit or poorly position ” call to action”  Digital Marketing Agency Mohali can deprive you of a conversion.

To identify the pages concern, you can analyze your exit pages on Google Analytics or use tools that allow you to film the navigation of your visitors.

Dedicate landing pages

The home page of your website should not be the only landing page of your Website. Indeed, even if it is often the main gateway to your site, it is not the only navigation path.

To increase your chances of converting your users, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you have to work on several landing pages  that meet a specific need of your targets.

Reinsurance elements on your web pages

The so-called “reassurance” elements are the components of your website that aim to reassure your users about your company, your services or your products.

These parameters should not be neglect because they act as real conversion levers.

The page “Who are we?”

Among these elements we can cite: the “who we are” page, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali which is very important on a website because it allows the visitor to find out more about the company.

A secure website

Having a secure site (in https) is very important , especially when your site is an e-commerce platform and online payments will be made by your targets.

Google very clearly indicates “unsecure” sites , which can create a feeling of mistrust on the part of your users.

Customer reviews

Reviews are also an important element, especially if your company markets products or offers paid services. Customer reviews act as a mark of trust and drive conversions.

Your e-reputation and your social networks

These new search habits show the place of social networks in the conversion funnel.

To make the most of social media, integrate them into your marketing strategy and define a real social media strategy.

Modifications or complete redesign of your site?

All the elements of your website must be thought out in such a way as to promote maximum conversions. If the necessary changes are too numerous, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it would be wise to consider a complete overhaul of your site. In this way you can create your new site optimize for the user experience.

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