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Travel and Leisure

A complete guide to Jaisalmer Camping


Jaisalmer is located in Rajasthan’s western region, in the center of the vast Thar Desert. The desert areas also serve as a link between the tourist hotspots of Jodhpur and Bikaner. Whatever your objectives are, each of them might almost certainly include a trip to the desert. Then when it refers to desert camps in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is by far the most popular tourist destination. The several desert camps in Jaisalmer feature an intriguing mix of thrills, excitement, and tradition that will ensure your desert trip unforgettable.

Interesting stuff to experience in a Jaisalmer Desert Camp

A sandy camp in Jaisalmer can provide you with a broad variety of activities. Others emphasize the state’s ethnic intricacies, whereas others highlight the finest of the dry desert. Throughout your expedition, you can participate in exhilarating excursions or visit a historical site.


The legendary camping sites near Sam Sand Dunes, complete with a properly equipped canvas and a route that takes you through the desert in all of its beauty. And then there are off-the-beaten-path campsites a little further out, that offer a glimpse into the true Jaisalmer. We have indeed witnessed the sun come up or fall over the sea or highlands. However, lying on such sandy beaches and witnessing the sun travel from across the skyline will give you an entirely different experience. Furthermore, the things to keep in mind is that it’s crucial to do your investigation on the camp you want to reside at. Despite the fact that we serve as mediators, personal reassurance brings a layer to the journey. Jeep rides, dune bashing, camel safaris, campfires, desert athletics, and stargazing are among the things that come with thumb tacking your Jaisalmer campsite designs.

Camel Safari-

There are two sorts of camel safaris in Jaisalmer: shorter rides that are intended to offer visitors a taste of the desert and extended excursions that take you deep through into desert to distant settlements. The shorter ones are just recreational and can be avoided if desired – particularly in touristy campgrounds. Most such camel safaris include a path that is tailored to your preferences. The overnight alternatives, which include a camel ride, sunsets viewing, supper beneath the stars, and riding again whilst viewing the sunrise, are highly recommended.

Camel safaris are a significant element of the regional industry in Jaisalmer. Nevertheless, it is down to us as tourists to maintain a balance among supporting small businesses and ensuring that camels are treated ethically. Address the correct questions, keep an open mind, and then make a decision. 

Dune Bashing with a jeep-

That rush you have when your jeep speeds through the dunes like a carousel may be extremely enjoyable. And you nearly experience that exhilarating lack of control when the racing jeep twists on that sandy beaches – till the operator skillfully brings you back on course.

Local Rajasthani food-

Good lord, just that little daal baati churma or bajre ki roti with sev-tamatar ka saag and ghotua – good grief! What a great way to remain warm on Jaisalmer’s cool nights. Most of the other desert camps in Jaisalmer will present you to some delectable native specialties. In fact, the primitive types will actually cook across an open fire and deliver you until you exclaim, “No more!” 

Tips to keep in mind while looking for camps-

Nearly every single camel safari has a path that you can choose from. We highly recommend the nighttime alternatives, which would include a desert safari, sunset viewing, dining beneath the stars, and return riding while witnessing the dawn. I’m sure you realize that Jaisalmer’s sandy camps sound like a big deal of joy already anyway. However, not that many of them provide all of it. They’re likewise dispersed and priced separately. 

Things to not to miss-

The traditional programmes that take place mostly during campfires are a must-see. This brings the camper excursion in Jaisalmer to a close. Local males and females, clad in traditional Rajasthani garb, perform to the beat of highly famed folk music. The combination of beautiful music and foot-tapping dances will immerse you in Rajasthani culture that makes your moment truly unforgettable. The graphics, as well as the bonfire, contribute to the atmosphere. Then, while staring at the boundless stars glittering overhead you, finish the nighttime with a platter of their original feast. 

And besides, you don’t really get to lie underneath the stars on a daily basis. Jaisalmer has mostly the cloudless skies across the whole year around, which you should reap the benefits of.

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