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Health and Medical

All About Health Checkup Packages In Bangalore

Taking good care of one’s health is very important for everyone. Many hospitals offer health checkup packages in Bangalore which will make people aware of certain health issues. These health checkup packages will include a variety of detailed tests as well as some general health check-ups. Some hospitals offer customised health checkup packages in Bangalore to people who are looking for a full-body checkup or general health checkup services which are being provided at a reasonable cost. A stressed life is very common in today’s times and people often complain of not having able to take out time for daily physical activities, there are also some changes in eating or sleeping routines which can have a major impact on a person’s health.

Going for a regular health checkup package has a number of advantages which are given below-

  • People will be much healthier and there is a reduction in the risk of getting any illnesses.
  • Diseases can be diagnosed before it reaches a critical stage.
  • Make sure that people are able to save money over time.
  • People are motivated to lead a healthy as well as active lifestyle.
  • There is an inspiration to adopt healthy eating and sleeping habits.
  • People are aware of the latest and most popular medical technology that is available in the market.

A list of a few general guidelines to be followed before going for health checkup packages in Bangalore –

  • A person should fast at least for a minimum of twelve hours before going for the checkup.
  • However, water can be taken.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol for a minimum of twelve hours before the checkup.
  • Make sure to carry all the previous medical records of the last 1-3 years of the patient.
  • Pregnant women should not go for any kind of X-ray processes.
  • Women should not go for a health checkup during the time of their menstrual period.
  • People who are diabetic should inform the staff about their blood sugar status.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and don’t wear any jewellery.
  • Inform the staff in advance if there are any additional tests to be conducted.

What tests are included in the health checkup packages in Bangalore?

There will be some basic tests that are conducted including a haemogram, liver function test, test for fasting blood sugar, uric acid, blood pressure, kidney function test, chest x-ray, lipid profile, ECG, stool, etc. There can also be other tests such as a Hepatitis B test, test for thyroid, and ultrasound for the abdomen. Some people also go in for an eye or dental checkup.  Pap Smear and Mammograms are generally conducted for the prevention or identifying breast cancers as well as cervical cancers, especially the issues that will typically affect women.

There are a number of health checkup packages in Bangalore such as executive checkup packages to comprehensive checkup packages. The doctor will also ask questions about the everyday routine of the patient with regards to eating and sleeping habits, and bowel movements. On the basis of the initial exam, the doctor may or may not recommend any further tests. The common health check-up list will include blood, urine test, x-rays as well as ultrasounds.


People can choose from a wide range of health checkup packages in Bangalore that are available according to their personal health requirements. In today’s fast and stressful lives, people tend to avoid taking care of their health and may eventually pay a heavy price for their negligence. Never take health for granted and the best thing to do is to for the preventive health checkups regularly whenever it is possible.

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Nura – A unit of Fujifilm DKH LLP

NURA is India’s first Ai based health screening centre. It is a collaboration between Fujifilm, world leaders in cutting edge intelligent imaging and medical technologies and Dr Kutty's Healthcare, an institution with deep roots in healthcare space. We have a shared goal of creating a culture of early screening. We want to secure the lives of people while providing an accessible and high-quality healthcare experience. With NURA, we bring years of screening knowledge from Japan, its cutting-edge technology, and the warmth of its hospitality.

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