Augmented and Virtual Reality: 4 Challenges Preventing the Adoption!

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Augmented reality and virtual reality have been in huge demand since the launch of the Pokemon Go game. The power to enhance the realities has what makes these two technologies a perfect solution for users worldwide. 

It is estimated that the growth of AR/VR technology will reach 1.73 billion by 2024. However, there are not only rainbows about this tech; you may face various challenges and obstacles on your way to building some top-notch applications. 

So, if you are thinking of building your own app with this tech, we will help you gain insights into all the challenges so that you can easily tackle them and create a top-notch application integrated with AR/VR.

Ensure to read throughout to learn further. Also, consult with the industry experts if you are looking for the best mobile app development company in Dubai that can help you bring excellence and productivity with these technologies. 

Now, just move into. 

4 Challenges Preventing the Adoption of AR and VR

Although AR and VR have been making advancements, you should not totally rely on them. If you want to achieve your targets sooner, you must also learn about the challenges. Here, in this section, we will be learning the same. So, without wasting more time, we are getting a deep dive. 

  • Digital Exhaustion

Everything in this age is getting digitalized, and people like how things have been modified. Still, some people also don’t want to be in this digitalized race. They prefer to take a break and enjoy the natural environment. 

Besides, the adoption of AR and VR can break the societal structure. As everyone today wants to take a break from their busy lifestyles to spend some time in the countryside. So this could be a matter of discussion before just putting all your money into an AR/VR app. 

  • Limited User-Experience

Do you earlier know that AR/VR technology limits the user experience? 

The feeling of enjoying AR/VR depends on the electronic device users use to play their favorite game. Moreover, it is impossible to get a 360-degree view of the game with smartphones. 

That means the user experiences get limited as you can target only those with devices compatible with this technology. So there has to be a full-fledged electronic that provides elevated experiences. 

But, how to do it?

Connect with the top mobile app development company in Dubai, share your requirements and build such an application with all functionalities and features that let you seamlessly run this app. 

  • Costly

The survey articulated that it will require lots of investments to build digital innovation supporting augmented and virtual reality. If we just take a simple-lever VR headset, they fall in the range of $2,000. 

Isn’t it expensive?

Don’t be worried; with the advent of such technology, it is usual to have this large amount on the tech-driven solution. But unfortunately, today, not so many users will happily purchase the product. 

Also, only game enthusiasts and early adopters know about the solution. That means you may not target the desirable amount of consumers with your product. So, you must build strategies that help your business grow while providing your services to the considerable percentage of users already aware of this technology. 

  • Security & Privacy

Reasons such as inconsistencies in oversight, negligence, and programming can threaten the security and privacy of the AR/VR app. 

Let’s understand it with an example of “try before you buy.” We all are very well aware that AR is making advancements while providing a chance to buyers to try the clothes before buying them. However, a catastrophe may occur when someone uses your virtual bodies to humiliate you; instead of overlaying the clothes, the accused person uses another body for overlaying. 

These kinds of obstacles must require all the attention from your side. So, provide the same via consultation with your technological partner. 

In a Nut Shell!

AR and VR have been gaining greater attention from the market since the launch of Pokemon Go. Moreover, the filter you get while clicking yourself with the selfie camera is also provided by none other than Augmented Reality technology. 

As the market is advancing while bringing new ideas, emerging talent, and excellent products, you should think about everything before placing your feet into the industry. It is a guidance blog from our side to help all the newbie entrepreneurs struggling to choose the best idea. 

We hope this guide has guided you in some sense and all your queries have been settled with the information we shared above. However, if you are looking for further guidance, support, and assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us while dropping the same in the comment section

Also, book a consultation with the top mobile app development company that has helped you build a top-notch solution while tackling all these challenges. 

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