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Average Price for 5 Marla House Construction company in Lahore

The average price for a 5 marla house construction company in Lahore ranges from PKR 80,000 to PKR 90,000, excluding labor cost. The most important construction material is cement, which costs PKR 645 per bag. Moreover, the price of 60-grade Sarya is PKR 414,000.

Top-Quality Bricks Cost

Building a 5 marla house construction company in lahore requires around 53,000 bricks. The price of these bricks depends on their quality, quantity, and location. The top-quality bricks cost around PKR 12.5 per brick. Another important building material is sand, which is sourced from coastal beaches and riverbeds.

Excavation is the first step in the construction process, which is required to lay the foundation of the house. The excavators need working drawings of the plot before they begin the process. The depth of excavation varies from three to five feet. It is important that the bottom layer is compact, and has no soft areas. This process usually takes three to four days.


Construction of 5 marla houses requires meticulous planning. This involves selecting building materials, laying out the floor plan, hiring professional labour, and managing funds carefully. In Lahore, there is a huge demand for 5 marla houses. With the low construction costs and wide range of design and layout options, 5 marla houses are a great choice for families. They are also cheaper than purchasing a home.


An average 5 marla house is one that is located in an A category. It is divided into three levels – the first floor is grey, the second floor is finished, and the third floor is a mumtee. Each floor has approximately 875 square feet. On average, the house will have three bedrooms and two kitchens.

Cost of a 5 Marla

The cost of a 5 marla house construction in Lahore would be PKR 60,000. Similarly, a safety grill, termite spray, and brickwork would add another PKR 40,000. This would add up to a total of PKR 171,000.

Cement is another essential material that you will need for your 5 marla house. Approximately 600 bags of cement will be used in the construction of a 5 marla house, with the cost per bag ranging from 585 PKR to 338,625 PKR. Cement costs vary according to company, type, and quality.

Choosing the Right Materials

Kitchen is a crucial part of the house. It’s where most family time is spent, so choosing the right materials is essential. Bathrooms are also crucial, as proper plumbing and drainage are essential to prevent leakages. Therefore, the kitchen should be a high priority when it comes to a 5 marla house construction. If you’re planning to build a five-marla house construction company in pakistan, make sure to include kitchen accessories in your budget.

Building a 5 marla house is not an easy task. The process can be complicated, especially if you’re not an experienced builder. With that said, it is important to get an estimate for your 5 marla house construction before starting construction company in lahore. You can use this estimate to make sure that you’re within your budget.

Construction Cost

In addition to the construction cost, you will also need to build an overhead tank and make sure that the walls are constructed with concrete. You’ll also need to pay for pre-construction termite control, which is a necessary step to ensure that you don’t have future termite infestations. All of these costs will add up to the total cost of a five marla house in A-category.


Once the exterior of your 5 marla house is complete, you can start thinking about the interior. First, you need to decide what type of flooring you want. Most people choose tiles for their floors. A good quality tile will cost PKR 2,000 per square meter. This price does not include the cost of tiles for your bathrooms and terrace. A five marla house built with good quality tiles will cost around PKR 158,000.

Crushed stone is another important construction material for your 5 marla house. This is a grey material that is typically used for the base structure. The price for this material depends on the city you live in. Sargodha crushed stone is about PKR 65 per cubic foot and can cost as much as Rs. 71100 a cubic foot. Another important element used for 5 marla house construction is Rori. It costs around PKR 30,000 for five cubic feet.

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