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Travel and Leisure

Bali Travel Guide: How To Spend 7 Days in Bali

This gorgeous island is a complete destination where you get to experience magnificent beaches, terraced rice paddies, traditional rich cultures, beautiful temples, volcanic mountains, various adventure activities, nightlife, shopping, and much more. You need to know how to spend 7 days in Bali with your Family, Friend or loved ones.

Bali is one of Indonesia’s most visited islands and I’m sure you’ve already heard from travelers friends or maybe even other digital nomads, that Bali is pretty much the place to be in Southeast Asia. A place where everyone, whether they work on a laptop or not, checks in once in a while.

How Long To Spend In Bali?

How long do you need in Bali? The quick answer: Allow 1-2 weeks to get a taste of the island and experience the main parts fully.

Bali is approximately 5,800 square kilometers in size. Yep, THAT big.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how big that actually is. For example, driving from Uluwatu at the southern tip of the island to the cultural heart of Ubud takes roughly 2-3 hours, depending on traffic.

It takes another 2.5 to 3 hours to drive from Ubud to Lovina, a quieter beach resort on Bali’s northern shorelines. In comparison to Kuta and Denpasar, traffic in the north is less congested. If you choose to travel by automobile, be prepared to do a lot of standing or slow driving.

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First Time To Bali?

This Bali travel guide, on the other hand, is for first-timers, and I recommend taking one or two weeks off. 10 or 12 days in Bali, up to two weeks, is a reasonable amount of time to completely experience Bali, especially if you’ve traveled a long distance. It may also allow you to visit the Gili Islands, which are close by.

This will allow you to view a lot of beautiful sights while also allowing you to relax and enjoy all that Bali has to offer in terms of beauty and experiences.

How Many Places To Visit In Bali In 7 Days

If you just have one week in Bali, I recommend seeing no more than three or four destinations. In terms of travel time and, more importantly, a suitable length of stay in one place, it’s a reasonable number of places.

Three to four places may seem like a lot, but when you’re in Bali, it’s well worth it! Consider visiting 2-3 destinations instead throughout this time frame if you want to take it more slowly. I’ll tell you where the top spots to visit in Bali are listed below.

Planning Your Best Bali Itinerary Day By Day

DAY 1 – 2: Kuta & Legian

All domestic and international flights to Bali land at Denpasar Airport, also known as Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is only a short distance from Kuta, Bali’s tourism hub. Kuta is our first stop on this Bali travel guide, and it’s famed for its wild party vibes.

I’m not a big fan of Kuta because I prefer less touristic places and genuine vacation experiences. If you agree, you can skip Kuta and head straight to Seminyak. You might even skip Kuta altogether and spend 2-3 days on the islands of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, or the Gili Islands.

The alternative close to Kuta is the town of Legian, just next door which is a little less extravagant and has the proximity to explore Kuta in a breeze without having to stay there overnight.

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Where To Stay In Kuta And Legian

Poppies Lane, a busy street with plenty of nightlife, is a great place to stay in Kuta. The International Airport of Ngurah Rai is only a 10-minute drive away, and the beach is only a 10-minute walk away.

DAY 3 – 5: Seminyak

We’ve arrived at the next stop on your Bali itinerary. Let me whisk you away to affluent Seminyak, where the beaches are great, the hotels and shopping are even better, and don’t even get me started on the beautiful sunsets along the beach.

Seminyak is not much of a secret for travelers anymore, however it is a still less touristy alternative to Kuta so you’ll have more room to enjoy yourself here.

You’re unsure how long you should stay in Seminyak. If you just have three days in Bali, I recommend staying in Seminyak or Canggu, where you can enjoy the various cafes, spas, and shops, and take a day excursion to Ubud and the rice terraces. You’ll have a home base to return to and won’t have to pack up and relocate your belongings every night.

Where To Stay In Seminyak

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Seminyak, Jalan Petitenget is the street where you’ll find the majority of the high-end hotels and resorts, many of which have ocean views. Potato Head Beach Club and the iconic W Hotel are also located here.

DAY 6 – 8: Canggu

Surfing, visiting gorgeous cafés, riding your scooter through verdant rice terraces, practicing yoga, and getting a glimpse of Indonesian culture are all part of Canggu’s appeal.

Day 7

Breakfast or brunch at Crate Café in Canggu is superb. They have great breakfast bowls and the vibe and staff is absolutely Lovelace

After breakfast, try something new and enroll in a silversmithing class. You can learn how to produce jewelry at the House of Alaia, which is available for purchase. Yes, you will be able to manufacture a necklace or a ring to take home as a souvenir. Nifty!

It’s certainly easy to see how Bali has been elevated to its status as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. The island will steal hearts, captivate imaginations, and continuously tempt travelers to return for more.

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