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Reference and Education

Benefits Of Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Courses

Why get Certified Training in MS Office?

Employers nowadays are looking for experienced candidates in every field. But will work experience help you succeed? No. Knowledge and skills are equally vital if you want to conquer higher positions in your firm. Microsoft office specialist certification courses(MOS) are designed to help you gain all the necessary skills that corporations are mainly looking for. MOS is a globally recognised certification course that improves your technical skills, contributing to your organisation’s productivity. MOS courses have high value when seeking employment in the current world.

Evolution of Microsoft certifications

Microsoft certification programs were introduced in 1992 after realising the need for software training on Microsoft products. These certification programs mainly covered Windows, LAN Manager, and SQL Server topics. These courses have been in the market for a long time. But only in 2018 did it start gaining pace and made a massive comeback with many certification programs. Professionals in every field are opting for these certification programs to see their relevance for their career growth. Employers also started hiring MOS certified candidates to enhance their technical side.

The reason behind the popularity of Microsoft certifications

Individuals use Microsoft Office for both professional and personal needs. It comes with several applications like MS Projects, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, One Project, etc. Many of these applications are used in our daily life on a day to day basis. Most of the industrial works like marketing, analysis, reporting, coding and accounting are carried out with the help of these Microsoft applications. Daily jobs like tabular data formation, creating designs, adding fonts, and typing documents use these applications.

For daily work, basic knowledge of Microsoft applications is enough. But when you are performing on a professional front, this basic knowledge is not enough. You need to have in-depth knowledge about the usage of these applications. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Programs will help you attain this professional knowledge. Studies have shown that employers prefer MOS certified candidates over others. Microsoft certified candidates receive a 20% salary hike and better job opportunities than their peers.

MS Office certification

Benefits of MOS Certification programs

Let us now discuss the benefits of Microsoft Office Specialist Certification programs.

Fluency in MS Office

After completing the MOS certification program, you will become well versed in application programs like MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, MS Projects, etc. Creating documents, presentations and managing reports and projects will be just a piece of cake for you. With the help of these skills, you will be able to make an irreplaceable position for yourself in the corporate world.

Ability to build professional charts

Charts are an integral part of Powerpoint presentations, and becoming an expert in them will increase your value. Mainly finance professionals and business analysts use charts. But nowadays, almost all the fields are using professional charts to carry out their work. You can design your charts, which will help you stay ahead of your colleagues. Your fluency in Microsoft Office can help you become a professional chart builder.

Become an expert in data collection and formation

Nowadays, every business runs on data. Collection and formation of data are essential for business growth. Arranging, organising and formatting data are done smoothly through MS Excel. It is the best application available for data collecting and reporting.

Improves the flexibility of your work

Now the whole world has gone online. Microsoft Office Specialist Certification programs are available both online and offline. You can enrol for these programs from anywhere in the world. Microsoft Office applications help you stay connected with your business partners or higher officials worldwide. Now you don’t have to compromise on your work area or the type of work if you are using MOS applications, making it flexible to work from anywhere.

Better job opportunities

MOS certification programs open up a new world for you. You now have the freedom to choose your area of work. You can work within your country or look for better prospects outside the country. Multiple job opportunities are waiting for MOS certified candidates. It gives you the confidence to take up more enormous challenges like leadership and analytical roles. There is no need to mention the importance of your job title and the high salary it will provide you.

Authorise your proficiency

You may be well versed in these Microsoft applications. But how are you going to prove that in front of your employer? These certification programs will help you validate your skills. Employers will consider you as a potential candidate for the post.

It gives you real-life experience.

Most of the organisations and individuals use microsoft office on a daily basis. These certification programs will help you gain real-life experiences happening outside. You will have to apply your technical knowledge in your firm, and it will help you remain updated on the various industry changes.

After completing MOS certification, you will be ready to face the world. It makes you job-ready. You will have a better understanding of all the features and functions of the Microsoft Office suite. You can improve your academic performance, thereby increasing your marketability. It boosts your confidence and increases productivity.

The curriculum of Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft office certification programs include three phases. The first phase covers a basic understanding of these applications; the second phase covers the advanced versions of these applications. The third phase gives you an overall comprehension of the Microsoft Office system and makes you an expert in this field.

Job profiles

Microsoft Office Specialist certification programs help you attain jobs in different fields. Office managers, executive assistants, administrative assistants, research analysts and project coordinators are some of the job roles waiting for the MOS certified candidates. Corporate companies like Amazon, JP Morgan, Deloitte, HP, and Microsoft hire them. Their annual salary ranges from 2 to 5 lakhs depending on the firm.

Getting certified in any program is always beneficial, as it will give validation to your skills. These skills are the essential skills that every employer is looking for in their firm. Enroll on these courses, get certified and increase your chance of getting hired.

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