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A legal debt solution, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), allows you to consolidate your unsecured obligations into a series of manageable monthly payments best iva company uk .

An IVA is a legally binding agreement in which you sign into a contract with your creditors — the individuals to whom you owe money – and agree to make monthly payments for a set length of time, typically five or six years.

An best iva companies uk that specialises in establishing and administering IVAs on behalf of its customers. Your IVA provider will build up your plan, communicate with your creditors, and distribute your monthly payments to the creditors listed in your plan.

How to Create an IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement)

You cannot create an IVA on your own. You’ll need to select an insolvency practitioner to represent you in making an IVA proposal to your creditors. Typically, insolvency practitioners are qualified lawyers or accountants.

Is it possible to apply for an IVA online?

  • It’s simple to apply for an IVA online. Simply follow the steps below:
  • Use our IVA Calculator to see if you’re eligible.
  • An advisor will go over your income and expenses to evaluate how you are currently managing your money.
  • You will be provided a monthly cost for your IVA proposal based on your disposable income (minimum £70 per month).
  • If you decide to move forward with your IVA, simply inform your advisor, and they will create your proposal.

stepchange iva reviews

Examining client feedback is one technique to learn about a company’s performance. The best iva company will receive excellent marks. It usually indicates that you will have a good experience with the business.Avoid companies who have a lot of negative ratings or none at all. It’s not worth squandering your time or money on them. You may find independent reviews on Google or Trustpilot.

Things to consider when researching best iva companies uk

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Service provided via the internet

In today’s digital world, it’s critical to choose an iva company reviews that offers online services.

Has a fixed location

Office visits can be a good indicator of whether or not an IVA firm is reputable.  This is a red indicator; the finest IVA firms will provide comprehensive information on the firm, the IP’s history, and the IVA procedure itself.


  • Typically, there are two fees:
  • a one-time fee
  • Each time you make a payment, you will be charged a handling fee.

Your IVA firm must be responsive.

If you can’t get in touch with your potential IVA, they’ll most likely be unresponsive in times of need, which isn’t what you want from a company that could help you save money.

Please contact us.If you have any questions about whether an IVA is the appropriate debt solution for you, please contact us for a free consultation. Our knowledgeable consultants can assess your alternatives and help you decide whether an IVA is right for you.

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