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Best Password Cracker App for Mac and Windows

Passwords have been a part of our life since ancient times. Securing a place or safe with complicated passwords just to make sure no one can get it has been the trick. Today the same passwords are used to keep the digital devices safe most of the time.

To secure confidential data strong passwords are being used by smart device users. The password security can be for personal security or company safety whatever the case is it is indeed important to choose a strong one. But again, despite many precautionary measures, there are chances of errors from both sides i.e., from the human as well as the gadget side.

In many cases, people forget their passwords in others there are chances of third-party involvement in illegal hacking. Thus, to avoid any such situation one can use a password cracker app. An efficient password cracker can help you in the recovery of your password with minimum hustle. Do you know that

  • Nearly 21% of people have reported that they forget the password within two weeks.

Many kinds of apps and software offer password recovery options to their users. Some offer free trial other is completely free. But password safety is indeed an essential deal in anyone’s life. Thus, selecting a good app can help the user be at peace. Here are some of the best password cracker apps for Mac and Windows.

5) Crack Station:

It is a free service that helps the user in cracking passwords. The app supports the platform of Linux and Windows. In case you are in search of a free password cracking app then crack station can be your choice.

4) Password Cracker:

As the name suggests in case you require a password cracker app specifically for windows then password cracker is a good choice. It is a free service thus no need to worry about any hidden charges. The app helps the user receive the password of the Windows application. In case you want an app that can also help you crack a Microsoft word encrypted file then it is useless. As it can’t help in the recovery of MS word files. The best part about this app is that it supports multiple languages.

3) Brutus Password Cracker:

Brutus is another free password cracker app that helps the user crack any password on Windows operating system. This app can be used to recover passwords from websites, languages, passwords of secret accounts, and more. However, this app is good to retrieve simple passwords. Strong passwords that contain combinations of letters and numbers cannot be tracked using the Brutus password cracker app. Another drawback of using this app is that you can’t crack social media accounts or email passwords by using this app.

2) Rainbow Crack:

Rainbow crack is another password tracker that offers its service for Linux and Windows. It is a free desktop tool that can be used to crack digital password records. It is much faster than other password-cracking apps.

1) OgyMogy

On top of our list is the app that supports multiple platforms. OgyMogy offers services for Mac, Windows, and android as well. That means you can simply get the app and install it on your laptop, tablet, smart gadget, or even on your desktop.

The app offers stealth mode so you can use the feature without any worry of being caught. There are many legitimate uses of password cracker apps. On top of the list are parental control and employee monitoring.

The best thing about this app is that you have more options to choose from depending upon your budget cut and the period you need an app.

  • You can use the feature to catch any spy in the workplace. As the applets, you know about any secret account information in detail.
  • You can crack the password of secret accounts as well with the help of the OgyMogy Password cracker
  • The app can be used to get into the social media accounts of the target. The target can be your teen or employees.
  • The OgyMogy spy app can also be used to get into the instant messenger chat app or email account of the target person.

Your data is safe and secured with the OgyMogy password cracker app.

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