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Best Ways to Detect the Fraud Packers and Movers

You can’t trust all packers and movers blindly as only a few of them are professionals. Unfortunately, most people end up contacting the fake movers that offer sub-standard shifting services to them. So, you should be extra careful in identifying the fraud movers.

Moving to another location is a regular process. People move to a nearby location or a different city. So, the moving services are high in demand these days. Every individual has his own set of reasons to relocate to a new destination. But, their prime concern is to get safe relocation services from a reliable moving company.

But finding the services of a professional moving company is not easy. This requires proper research on your part. Actually, there are many things that help you identify whether your mover is professional or fake.

Here are the best methods to detect the fraudulent packers and movers: –

Check their Licenses and Certificates

Today, it is easy to verify your mover. Make sure to ask for their licenses and certifications. If your mover is not ready to show his license to you, then something is wrong with him. Your mover might be a fraudulent one.

So, it is advisable to ask for the required legal documents from your mover. Most movers and packers Mumbai to Bangalore are verified and are always ready to show their licenses to you.

Not offering Pre-move Survey

All trusted packers and movers arrange a pre-move survey at your home. Through these surveys, they get information about your relocation needs. It is also helpful for them to quote moving prices to you. But, some movers refuse to provide a pre-move survey to you.

This is a clear indication that you are dealing with a fraud company. Such companies quote random charges to you. These movers do not consider any factor before estimating their prices. So, it is crucial to ask your mover if he is conducting a pre-move survey for you or not.

Incomplete Physical Address

It is extremely easy to identify a fraud moving company. If you find the incomplete address on your movers’ site, then there are high chances that your mover is a fraud. Sometimes, it is hard to locate the address which is mentioned on the moving company’s site. You visit the office address but you can’t find any office there. This is also a clear sign that you are dealing with a fraudulent moving firm.

Don’t Go for Cheap Moving Services

The fraud packers and movers attract their customers by offering them cheap moving services. They know that most people want to avail low-cost moving services. They are also aware of the ignorance of the people.

Many people fall into their trap and accept their low-cost moving services. But, they have to suffer a lot after availing their services. There are many incidents where the movers charge extra prices to shift your goods. Sometimes, your products might be lost during the move. So, cheap shifting service from the packers and movers is just a trap for the customers.

Do Not Pay Upfront Cash

You should never pay upfront cash to your movers. A verified mover won’t ask you for the full payment before accomplishing the entire moving task. So, make sure not to pay full cash to your mover. There are many incidents where the movers disappear after getting cash from the customers. So, if your mover to is demanding full cash before shifting your goods, then you are trapped by a fraudulent mover.

Phone Etiquette

The professional packers and movers have the best staff working with them. They show a professional attitude while talking to their customers. The executives of the reliable movers pick the phone and talk professionally. On the other hand, the fraud movers do not follow professional behavior while talking to their customers.

It is extremely easy to find fraudulent packers and movers. Make sure to identify their tone when they talk to the customers. If they talk informally to the customers and don’t mention their company’s name, then the chances are high that you are dealing with a fraud mover.

Visit their Office

Another best way to judge the reputation of your mover is by visiting their office. If they do not possess the required infrastructure, then don’t avail of their services. The professional movers have the best infrastructure. These movers like to show their facilities while talking to the customers. So, if your movers don’t have a great infrastructure, then it is of no use to hire these movers. You won’t get quality moving service from such movers.

Hidden Prices

Some fraud packers and movers charge hidden prices to the customers. The people are not aware of these prices until they get their final bill. They get surprised on seeing these hidden prices. So, you should inquire about these prices beforehand.

Go through the Reviews

You can check the reviews of the moving company you are going to choose. This will help you in knowing about the reputation of your company in the market. You must check the negative reviews of your chosen company. You will find a great deal of knowledge about your company after checking these negative reviews. If most people have posted negative reviews about your chosen company, then don’t go for that company. You can find these reviews on many websites. You can also check Google reviews to check the reputation of a particular moving company.

Ask for the Written Quotes

It is advisable to choose the company that offers you written moving quotes. Don’t go for the company that offers you random quotes. These quotes are not the final moving cost. The reliable moving companies always offer you written quotes. Their moving charges are estimated on the basis of numerous factors. So, don’t choose the company that offers moving quotes to you over the phone.

Multiple Names

Many companies operate in the market with different names. This is another sign of a fraud mover. These companies have negative reviews and poor ratings. So, they change their names again and again to avoid poor ratings. So, if your moving company to has multiple names, then you have a reason to worry.


There are many other methods to detect fraud packers and movers. However, following the above methods is enough for you to know whether you have chosen a fraud mover or not.

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