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Betting Bots and What the Online Gambling Industry Needs to Know About Them

Betting bots provide a serious challenge for online casino Vietnam sites, as any employee will tell you. The difficulty is in preventing betting bots from ruining the experience for players and reducing profits for businesses. This article will explain how they function and provide strategies for identifying and stopping them.

Betting bots explained

A betting bot is a piece of software programmed to carry out specific tasks on a gambling site without requiring human intervention. Casino bots, gambling bots, and value-betting programs are all different names for the same thing.

Betting bots can function on both local and remote servers in data centers, allowing for the management of several accounts at once. The betting bot is controlled by the user and responds to their input.

While originally designed to facilitate faster wagering on sports and other events, increasingly complex bots have now found their way into online poker rooms and other multiplayer activities.

The legality of betting bots

Though not technically illegal, betting bots are generally frowned upon by both online gambling sites and human gamers. Betting bots are expressly prohibited by the majority of online casino Vietnam sites, sportsbooks, and other providers’ Terms of Service.

One thing is for sure: gambling bots are extremely expensive for the online gaming industry. The annual cost to the online gambling business due to arbitrage betting is estimated to be at least $14 million (or 329.48 billion VND). A large percentage of online gambling traffic is generated by bots; during Euro 2020, some gambling sites had as many as 52,000 bad bot requests per hour.

The impact of betting bots

Players often use betting bots to boost their odds of winning, but for professional cybercriminals, the real money is in automating several accounts to place bets. It’s not uncommon for there to be only one human user and multiple bots at the table in poorly regulated gambling sites.

Players who become aware of the automatic action may decide to stop playing at the site altogether and go to one of the competitors. Bots are used by cybercriminals to generate several accounts automatically and quickly. A bad actor may set up a thousand accounts with scripts and use them for arbitrage and automated gambling.

Types of Betting Bots

There is a wide range of betting bots available, from the basic to the complex. Some of the most notable bots you’ll find at an online casino Vietnam site are as follows:

Scraping Bots

Data collection is the primary function of every scraping bot. Betting bots, on the other hand, collect odds data from specific bookies, which may then be used to manually determine which service provides the greatest odds.

There is a thriving sector of the economy known as “odds providers” that use automated systems to collect data, do calculations, and present their findings to customers.

Arbitrage Bots

Profiting from betting on two alternative outcomes for the same event is the goal of arbitrage bets, sometimes known as “sure bets” in the online casino and betting industry. The bots will automatically gather all the odds for a given event and determine, using a predefined mathematical formula, if an arb bet is viable.

Iceberg Bots

An iceberg order is one massive order disguised as a large number of smaller orders in the financial industry. Betting bots operate on the same principle. Instead of making one major wager, an iceberg bot will visit a large number of smaller ones.

AI Bots

A step up from simple betting bots, AI bots let consumers use algorithms to play popular online games. The benefits of this are twofold. First of all, they can play several hands at once. Second, they employ a coldly analytical strategy for gaming, unaffected by human sentiment.


Bot identification is a useful tool for decreasing the negative effects of betting bots and the costs associated with false accounts. Customers’ funds are protected, and financial exploitation is avoided when this type of solution is in place.

For betting sites to keep their customers’ faith, this sort of dedication is necessary. Lucky for us, every casino trực tuyến việt nam can be trusted and is capable of handling betting bots.

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