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Travel and Leisure

Blogger: How to Become a Travel Influencer

As a professional blogger, you can become a travel influencer. To do this, all you need to do is generate a community, then make partnerships. All these steps, we have taken, one by one. It is with pleasure that we share all our good advice to make your place on the web. Here is the complete guide to becoming a travel blogger and travel influencer.

How to become an influencer?

It is important to understand the difference between a blogger and an influencer. A blogger has a blog and can, thanks to his various shares with his readers, influence their buying behavior. This is not his primary vocation. Indeed, the blogger is present on the web to share his passion and introduce the world to those who do not have the opportunity. Conversely, an influencer does not have a blog. Its job is to deliver a message to an audience and, in the same way, to influence you in your purchases.

This can range from promo codes, and gifts, to contests. An influencer lives thanks to his partnerships. We do not see ourselves as influencers, even if we are aware that our sharing can help you choose your vacation destinations or inspire you in your way of life. The term influencer has rather a pejorative connotation. Our objective is to reveal good plans to you, by encouraging you to test them in your turn. We talk more about inspiration than influence.


You will understand, that you can be a professional blogger and become a travel influencer through your shares. What is important to know is that to become an influencer, you must have certain popularity on your blog, but also on your social networks. If you do not have a large community, your profile is not likely to attract tourism professionals. However, the objective of any good influencer is to create partnerships with professionals to make a living from it.

Moreover, even if making a living from your blog and becoming an influencer is tempting, you need to know all the facets of this dream job. Yes, as a blogger, we are free to live where we want and how we want. We create partnerships and meet great people during each of our stays. However, we must not forget that this “success” has a downside and that not everyone is ready to make certain sacrifices. First, know that by becoming an entrepreneur, you will have to work hard and not count your hours.

These hours, you will spend on your blog, your social networks, contacting partners, preparing contracts, making traveler photos and videos, etc. Admittedly, travel is part of the lot, but it requires a lot of work upstream. You should also be aware that this job is not possible until your retirement age. You must set an end goal and your blog must be the stepping stone that will lead you to your goal. Once you have weighed the pros and cons and you feel ready, then go ahead and enjoy every moment that life offers you!


Are you ready to take the plunge and become an Instagram travel influencer? If so, we have some tips to share to help you avoid rookie mistakes:

Amount. Above all, what matters is not the number of posts you publish or the number of stories you make. The most important thing is the regularity of your interventions. You can’t be there every day for a month and then disappear from the networks for two weeks. Vis-à-vis your followers, it is not respectable, not to mention that the algorithm of Instagram will not place you at the top of the list if you are not regular. No matter how much you trade, keep it consistent.

Quality. Regardless of your knowledge, creativity, and performance, always post quality content. Forget the failed photos, the blurry ones, or those that reflect a bad image of you. You must offer dreams to your followers. If they follow you, it’s to escape from their daily lives.

Harmony. Your feed must be harmonious in terms of colors. To do this, you must create a common thread between each of your photos. Also, make sure to always use the same filter. Arriving on your feed, the Internet user must be immediately won over. You, like us, know that if an account is not “beautiful”, we automatically zap.

Positivity. When you speak in stories, be smiling, pleasant, and positive. Your followers want to see positivity. Are you in a bad mood and don’t feel like talking? It can happen to anyone. In this case, avoid social networks and come back when it gets better!

Train yourself! There are apps to help you view your feed before posting it. Avoid posting a photo only to delete it a few minutes later.

How to become an influencer: our latest tips

What you are going to go through, starting out as a professional, we have experienced it before you. That’s why we share these valuable tips with you. We wish you success in this field, because even though there is a lot of competition, there are still many places to take, and you can be the next one to succeed. Either way, be yourself. Some US travel bloggers change their personalities by becoming an influencer. It’s a shame because it’s precisely your personality and what you represent that appeals to Internet users. Never forget that if you exist, it is thanks to your subscribers.

If no one is following you, you cannot qualify for collaborations. Be whole, be authentic, and stay unique. We wish you to live this beautiful experience as a blogger and travel influencer in your turn. Do not hesitate to ask us your questions in the comments, we will be happy to help you. Goodbye!

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