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Complete Guide To Use Root Genius APK

Hello everyone! In this guide, we are going to let you know how to safely and rapidly root your Android smartphone. For that, we brought the world’s number one rooting tool called Root Genius Apk. It is a very simple but still a perfect rooting tool. The tool can simply install on the device.

And then it is very easy to go through the one-click root method and get root permission to any Android smart device in minutes. Root Genius Apk is a third-party rooting tool introduced by the well-known hackers’ team Shuame. It is compatible with all leading device brands that run up to Android Lollipop. Moreover, root permission that you will encounter will let you bring together all the root-only stuff that you desired for a long. So here is how to use Root Genius Apk.

Root Genius Apk for Android rooting

Android rooting is the only way to bring administrative-level privileges. Even a brand new device with the latest Android version surrounded boundaries that only Android root permission can help you to escape from. There are many common issues like battery draining, devices getting slower, advertisements in third-party apps, impractical stock app installations, device storage running out, and so on. If you want to solve them at once, it is Android rooting as the only way.

But, it is not that easy to find a tool and become rooted because we know that you love your smartphone and its safety is the first thing. Of course, you can find hundreds of rooting tools from XDA developers. But, the tool we brought called Root Genius Apk Free Download can keep your device safe and make it rooted perfectly.

It is a free rooting tool that can download on any smartphone directly as an app. Of course, we have Root Genius exe as the best alternative and that can install on Windows. We call it Root Genius PC that can only bring on Windows running computer or laptop. However, the permission you wish to come across will be the same even if it is the apk or exe options.

The Root Genius tool has a quite simple user interface. Even a newbie can find the root button easily once opening the tool interface. Because of the one-click rooting method that is based, Root Genius Apk will quickly set you rooted without wasting your time.

The latest version of Root Genius Apk Download

The developer Shuame often updates their Root Genius Apk Download to make it the best. Old versions without bug fixes and enhancements may not be able to support especially when rooting new device models. Therefore, you are always advised to download Root Genius Apk latest version. So it will help you to become rooted without any barriers.

Root Genius Apk and Root Genius exe have the latest versions separately. Therefore, you should find out the version according to your preference.

Guide to using Root Tool Apk


  • Charge the smartphone up to 100%. Or it is better to make sure that it is not lower than 70%
  • Open the Settings app of the device and enable Unknown Sources. Because the Root Genius Apk application is not a Google Play Store app, you cannot download it without enabling this option
  • Create a complete backup of all important data
  • Go to your web browser and search Root Genius Apk
  • Visit a reliable source where you can download the latest version of the tool
  • Download Root Tool Apk latest version and install it

Guide to root

  • Go to your apps section and open the Root Genius Apk
  • Tap the root button in the middle of the interface. Carefully follow each and every instruction of the tool
  • Let Rootgenius root your device smoothly. Do not operate the device or the app until the rooting process will end

In the end, you can install the Root Checker app and that will help you to make sure your root or non-root status.


  • Remember not to install another rooting app on your device while you are rooted. Your root status can be switched to non-root. Moreover, updating the operating system of the device also can switch your status. If the new OS version cannot root by Root Genius Apk, you will have to stay for a tool update or consider some other tool
  • If still, you cannot root the device, check whether there are any special restrictions on your manufacturer
  • It is better to let your device stay connected with Wi-Fi until you finish the rooting process

Instant facts

  • Root Genius Apk is a free Android application
  • It is safe. But, as instructed, users have to root their devices at their own risk
  • The tool has Root Genius exe application as well that can be installed and used on Windows
  • Root permission gives you thousands of root-only apps, themes, games, and tweaks
  • Rooted devices can flash custom ROMs, use free Wi-Fi, play paid game levels, install paid games for free, block advertisements in apps, boost device performance, partly customize the system, save battery power, and more. There are thousands of root-only apps that anyone who becomes rooted can download to solve issues or enhance the performance
  • Remember to download root genius latest version with all updates and bug fixes for better support

Final words

Having an amazing rooting tool means having an awesome Android device. Root Genius Apk is not a typical rooting tool that you met thus far. It always collects updates and improves its performance. And both Root Genius apk and Root Genius exe can help you to turn your non-root device into a rooted and open it for many amazing deals. Apps, games, themes, customizations, and tweaks that you could not bring so far can now install and completely or partly customize your device. And staying with the latest Android version as well is not a dream at all if you went through Root Tool Apk. By the way, Android Rooting is the only way to turn your Android device into the way you aspire it to be. There are many things that you are going to miss if you still wish to stay non-root.

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