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Different Types of Baby Toys

Baby Toys

Raja sahib is finally a store for everybody’s needs. In spite, he is an elder, toddler, or a newborn. From clothing to shoes, toys to carry cots, and from skincare to baby essentials. Subsequently, everything is kept in this store. Their toys are plastic ones and made from cloth and cotton. Secondly, all of them are of a great standard.

Under the category of toddlers and babies

The toys here are listed for babies too. You will wonder how much the variety this store has. Then, some of the brands are of other countries. One brand is of raja sahib.

  • Stroller

A baby stroller that helps them in taking their initial steps. It will enable them to walk with support. Not only this, it is entertainment for them. Like it has sound and music. Meanwhile, when the baby gets tired from walking, he can play with the sounds and enjoy them.

  • Rattle set

This rattle set comes in eight pieces. Cute little animal shapes are formed on the rattles. While playing with them, they would be able to recognize their shapes and sound. This set comes at the price of Rs 900.

  • Musical mobiles

You would wonder how a baby can use a mobile. It’s not mobile. It is a swing-type hanging that I mounted on their cots, cribs, and rockers. Moreover, it distracts them when they are crying. Then, the soft rhymes play in the background. The toys that hang are made from cloth; they are stuffed toys.

  • Baby play gym

A wonderful toy-like essential. This has a soft mat that the baby would lie on. Then, it has some stuffed toys hanging up. Afterward, they have even attached a rattle to attract the babies. This toy would make them a sense of identifying things, like animals, etc. he will be fascinated by the colors and shapes on it.

  • Animal music mobile

It is a different product than what was mentioned above. Likewise, it comes in a detachable form. Similarly, with screws, you can adjust it. It has a push button that rotates the mobile. Next, it has lights that turn on with the music. It is for Rs 5500.

  • On the go stroller mobile

This toy is attached to the strollers only. Parents need to attach it to the canopy of the pram. Then, they have shapes are of animals. They are lightweight and light -colored. You can wash them also.

  • Baby starter set of toys

This kit contains unique rattles for babies to play with them. When the baby holds them, they play beautiful musical sounds. Eventually, your baby would laugh while hearing them. The twelve pieces come under 2500 Rs.

  • Spin toy

Spin toy comes with a pusher. When the baby presses the pusher, a ball circulates on the given path. It is fun for them to repeatedly do this action.

  • A Colorful graphic pattern set

Unique style and printed rattles.

  • Sky shaker rattles

These rattles come in a pack of 6. Then, they have small balls filled in the toy. When babies shake them they produce a shaking sound.

  • Shake and pull toy

This toy is an attraction for kids even if they are traveling. Afterward, you can attach them to their car seats or carrycots. They will be distracted by holding them. And they would spend this journey nicely.

  • Rattle Stick

This toy is a stuffed toy. Therefore, it is safer for them to put it in their mouths, unlike plastic ones. You can place it in their cots. Secondly, after a few weeks give them a nice wash and they would be clean. The brands make bath baby toys that are small and cute. Further, they make them from high standard.

  • Chu chu fruit set

This set has six pieces of plastic fruits.

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