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Discover the Idea for Self-Leveling Screed Epoxy

Anti-static Epoxy floor Coating

Get a perfect idea on Anti-static epoxy floor coating & self leveling screed epoxy

Anti-static epoxy floor coating is a method that is usually prefer to give your floor a joint-free finish. Come up with high chemical resistance and decorative properties. Anti-static epoxy flooring is most applied in the IT and communication industries. Apart from that, it is more familiar with automotive industries, pharmaceutical factories, aerospace industries, and operation theatres. It is also widely use in computer rooms too. Substrate preparation is required to get high performing coat. The coat has to be applied to the concrete surface, and that coat resistance must be hard, sound, and free from dust. Avoid other barrier materials like paint, lime, coatings, plaster, curing agents, and laitance.

The method of using the Anti-Static Epoxy Flooring

Before mechanical preparation, use a degreaser to remove polish, wax, grease, and oil. scabbling, scarifying, grinding, or shot blasting equipment are mainly used on Contaminate concrete surfaces. vacuum equipment is used to clean the traces and dust or debris, this step is called the mechanical method.

Surface preparation

All the Substrates should be clean up from laitance and then allow to dry up a maximum of 5% moisture content. Preparing the surface there is a need for Surface grinders and shot blasting. Before the application of primer, the surface should be clean and free from dust.


It is not correct to use the Primer-contents that are mixed before mixing. The solutions should be mix slowly using a slow-speed drill and paddle. This solution can be mix for at least 4 minutes. After that primer is apply to the dry surface @ 0.2 to 0.25Kg/per square meter through Brush/Roller.

Laying of copper Tape

A copper strip is require to measure the width and thickness. The adhesive side copper strip is expose, when butter paper is remove first. Fix the self-adhesive copper strip on the clean prime substrate. The fixing distance may be between 1 to 4 meters to each other, lengthwise and breadth. Stick the self-adhesive copper strip at the side close to the walls within a distance of 6 inches. Extend the copper strips at one end in the room to bring them out for earthing connection.

Base Coat

It consists of three components self-leveling system. One is natural black. The base coat should be apply after drying of primer. Normally it takes 6 – 8 hrs. Anti-static epoxy floor coating, can best one; that suits any industry’s needs.


The same top coat has also the same three components self-leveling system. A wide range of color options are available from that wide array, you can choose any one of your needs. This coat is apply after the base coat dries up. A minimum gap of 12 hrs for applications topcoat. For better bonding between top coat and base coat, emery paper is recommend use. Before applying this coat the surface should be clean and check that surface is free from any dust particles.

Meaning of Self-Leveling Epoxy

self leveling screed epoxy is one type of epoxy coating that can be used on a concrete floor to give long-lasting and low-maintenance durability to the flooring surface. This coating can be applied on damaged and crack concrete floors to make them smooth and to bring a seamless surface. This method of screed epoxy is use to fill up the cracks and gaps in the concrete floor.

self leveling screed epoxy can be use extensively in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. It has a wide option that self-leveling epoxy flooring can be include in industrial and building flooring requirements.

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Showrooms
  • Commercial Garages
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Athletic Flooring

If you are wondering about the best flooring option to turn your old one into the ones then self leveling screed epoxy is best. It not only gives a classy look to your flooring option and also lasts for longer times.


Follow the blog, mentioned here about the steps of Anti-static epoxy floor coating, which surely can help you.

Apart from others get to know what is self-leveling screed epoxy, and who are the industries use these flooring options. Both coatings have their significance in their ways. Both can be great for long-lasting and enhance the flooring options.

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