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Eco Friendly Benefits of using Custom Kraft Boxes

OXO Packaging provides sustainable

Custom Packaging is becoming more than just a trend. It is a necessity without which it is impossible to sustain businesses in modern times. The main reason behind this is that people are not interested in traditional packaging solutions. Such solutions are outdated because they are based on synthetic plastic materials which are unsustainable. To put an alternative and potentially a better one, let’s discuss Kraft Boxes which are trending these days. OXO Packaging provides sustainable and resistant packaging solutions in the form of customized Kraft boxes that have tenfold benefit over conventional packaging ones. Such boxes are fundamentally diverse and are used for the packaging of grocery, cosmetics, bakery, and jewelry products.

Endless Diversity in Kraft Boxes

You will see minimum diversity in old and conventional packaging solutions because they are unchangeable. They are made out of plastic and polythene-based material and are the same for all businesses. This gives few choices to small businesses to customise the boxes of their choice exactly as per their branding requirements.

However, the custom Kraft boxes are not like these boxes. They come in plenty of design and size variations as mentioned below.

  • Kraft window boxes on which you can print your product details, logo, and coloration to make them stand out in an ocean of competitors.
  • Custom Kraft handle boxes are quite handy and are easy to hold. They have a handle on the top and can be used to enclose bakery items, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  • Don’t miss out on the custom Die-cut Kraft Boxes that contain an appealing cut of whatever shape you like on the packaging display.
  • The prominent custom Kraft retail boxes are no exception. They have a mailer-shaped opening which is quite the simplistic one out there.
  • Finally, there are fancy custom Kraft paper pillow boxes that are perfect for jewelry and cosmetic packaging.

Free Design Ideas

OXO Packaging is a world-leading name when it comes to the high-quality manufacturing of Kraft boxes. We provide free design assistance if you share your queries related to custom Kraft packaging boxes.

Ideas Material

Besides designing and versatility, it is important to mention what material constitutes Kraft boxes. Kraft boxes are made out of material that is highly resistant to external environmental and shipping pressures.

The central material used in making such boxes is Kraft which has high tensile strength. Moreover, you can also get corrugated Kraft-based boxes that are perfect for encasing heavy-weight products that are meant to be shipped across thousands of miles.

Provides Necessary Protection

Product protection must be the top priority for business. No matter how elegant and marvellous a packaging is, if it does not provide the necessary protection to the product then it is useless.

The personalised Packaging Boxes Wholesale provide maximum protection to the product as the central lamination provides necessary protection to the delicate bakery products. Such products are vulnerable to dust, temperature, pathogenic attacks, and moisture and the only way to protect them is through the right use of custom Kraft boxes.

Environment: Our Top Priority

The environment must be the main concern for all the businesses out there. It is because there is increasing pressure from the UN on businesses to update their processes by adopting eco-friendly packaging. Therefore Kraft boxes are widely utilised because of their eco-friendly benefits. They leave no impact on the environment when discharged as they are highly recyclable and compostable.

How to Reach Us?

Feel free to contact OXO Packaging at or call us at (510) 500 9533 if you have any queries related to custom Kraft Packaging. We provide free design ideas and there are no shipping charges within the United States.

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