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Travel and Leisure

Everything You Should Know About Grand Canyon South Rim Tour

The Grand Canyon is popular for its expansive largeness—its grandness. Even if you want to fit everything into one day, it sure is an impossible task. There aren’t sufficient hours in the day to see everything in one area, let alone the entire Canyon. The closest you can come to covering the Canyon is doing Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas. So, if you only have a single day to spend visiting the Grand Canyon, you will have to make some decisions about what to do and see and, more importantly, how.

While you research, remember that there is no “best” place to see the Grand Canyon. Each region provides various viewpoints and activities and shopping and dining options to suit different visitors. For single-day trips to the Grand Canyon, the section you see will be based on the type of activities you want to do, the type of experience you want, the time of year it is, and your proximity to the Canyon.

The first thing you will have to decide is which area of the Grand Canyon you will be visiting. You have three options:

  • Grand Canyon West
  • Grand Canyon National Park South Rim
  • Grand Canyon National Park North Rim

Be it planning to take a guided tour or driving yourself; it is best to do research about the things you are going to do. We will talk about South Rim here:

Things You Can Do at the South Rim in One Day

Your best bet is to head to the South Rim if you want the classic Grand Canyon experience or if you are travelling with children. If you are driving there yourself, the primary method of getting around the park will be a combination of walking and shuttles. Many of the destinations are within walking distance of each other, but you cannot visit everything in one day on foot. Use the shuttles to see everything you want and avoid overheating in the summer.

From the Grand Canyon Village, you can easily access the viewpoints. The South Rim provides the largest collection of viewpoints at the Grand Canyon. If you have a single day, you may want to focus on seeing the most accessible viewpoints in the Grand Canyon Village. They are:

  • Mather Point
  • Yaki Point
  • Ooh Aah Point

Things to See & Activities To Do

  • Grand Canyon Visitor Center and Theater: This place is the home to a wide range of indoor and outdoor exhibits.
  • Yavapai Point & Geology Museum offers geology exhibits, park ranger programs, and an unbelievable view of the Canyon through picture windows.
  • Trail of Time: From the NPS: “Along the timeline trail, you will find a series of rocks and exhibits that talks about how the Grand Canyon and its rock are formed. Each meter you walk on the timeline trail signifies one million years of the Canyon’s geologic history.
  • Shrine of the Ages: You will find ranger programs and special activities that change periodically at this place. It includes lectures, concerts, and demonstrations.
  • Aeroplane or helicopter flights: Some guided Grand Canyon south rim helicopter tours include aeroplane or helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon.

These are some activities and things you can do while in Grand Canyon South Rim.


If you get only a single day at the Grand Canyon, don’t worry—no matter which part of the Grand Canyon you end up visiting, it will be amazing and awe-inspiring. The Grand Canyon doesn’t have any bad angles, and every Rim and viewpoint is worth all the view, regardless of which one it is or how short the visit is. People usually opt for Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas.

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