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False eyelashes: everything you need to know before putting on one

goes back a long way. There is nothing more to notice in the number of products, tools and treatments aimed today at the care and beautification of eyelashes: mascaras with effects, eyelash extensions, growth treatments, etc. But despite the obvious evolution in this area, false eyelashes remain a beauty staple that makeup artists and celebrities always turn to for big events.

Those who have not yet been released with them, will probably be assailed by many doubts when doing so. Here is everything you need to know to make up your mind and become an expert.

Types of false eyelashes

Full lash strips : they serve to cover the entire lash line and can have a colorless or black base (like simulating an eyeliner).

We can find false . Eyelash extensions salons near me  made of natural (animal or human) or synthetic hair , although what will really make the difference between a natural finish and a more artificial one is its shape. Thus, the most natural-looking lashes are made up of hairs that are thicker at the base and thinner at the tip (like real lashes), while the rest have hairs of the same thickness.

In addition, within this type of full lashes we will find more dramatic versions (very thick, long and, in general, less natural), as well as other lighter ones, designed for day-to-day use. They also vary in their shapes, combining different lengths, in gradient

false eyelashes

Accents : These are strips of lashes that only..  Choose A Driving School cover the outer half of the eye to embellish the look. Precisely for this reason, they are ideal for the inexperienced, since they do not require as precise an adjustment to the eye as full strips of lashes.

Duos and trios of lashes : they are groups of lashes distributed in two or three knots with several lashes each. They allow a very natural finish and, although they require more time to install than complete strips, they save effort and time compared to individual ones.Individual Lashes : These are small knots of multiple lashes that are placed anywhere along the eyeline and create a very natural effect . They are ideal for placing on the outer corner of the eye, for example, creating a feeling of greater volume and density in the lashes. The only drawback is that they require more dedication than if we opt for a full strip of lashes, which are applied at once, but are usually the most used by makeup professionals.

Which ones to start with?

If for a special occasion such as a wedding or an evening event we decide to try false

eyelashes for the first time, it is not advisable to start with the classic full strip. Instead, it’s easiest to start with a half strip , such as accent lashes, or even lash trios.

We must bear in mind that if we choose a complete.. Steps Before  strip of eyelashes we will have to adjust it to the size of our eye (cutting it if necessary) and place it in such a way that it adapts perfectly. And this, the first times is not usually easy.

If we still opt for the full strips, the Gazinatep escort easiest thing will be to start with an invisible one (with a colorless base), since they are more flexible and adapt more easily to the eye.

Which ones are better for us?Once we enter the universe of false eyelashes, we will see that there are countless designs depending on the shape and effects that you want to achieve. To find the type of eyelash that suits us best, it is essential to take into account the shape of our eyes:

Small eyes : eyelashes that are too long, thick or dramatic are not appropriate for this type of eye, as they tend to make it smaller. Instead, if this is our case, we can opt for trios or individual lashes placed in the outer half of the eye.

Big eyes : in this case we can choose different eyelashes without fearing that the eye will look more closed or smaller. For example, full and thick eyelashes.

Almond-shaped eyes: it is the most versatile eye shape, so it allows you to wear any type of eyelash. Individual lashes placed at the corner of the eye look especially good.

Round eyes : to compensate, we can try lashes that are somewhat longer than the standard

ones Closed eyes : in this case, we must opt ​​for lashes whose length goes from less to more (from the tear duct to the outer corner) to cause a visual effect of separation.

Deep-set eyes : this type of eye is more favored Halkalı escort with a type of eyelashes in which the length is alternated (short and medium eyelashes are interspersed with long ones).

Droopy eyes: in these cases we must avoid too thick and dramatic eyelashes, especially if they have a visible base. Those that go from less to more, from the inside out), as well as accent-type half lashes are appropriate.

types of glue

You will see that there are two types of glue for false eyelashes: black and transparent . Without a doubt, the transparent one is more appropriate if we do not have much experience, because with it we will avoid staining the eyelid during the placement of the eyelashes.

However, once we have started placing these hairpieces, we will verify that the black glue blends perfectly between the shadows and the black outlines, which is very useful for achieving a natural finish.Step 1: we calculate the measurement of the line of the istanbul escort eyelashes of the eye to adapt the false and cut it in case it is longer than necessary. To do this, we will place the strip on our eyelashes and accommodate it as best as possible. In case we have to cut it, we will do it at the outer end.

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