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Flutter App Development – Its Good and Bad Side

The mobile app market is an exceptionally revenue-generating one, with its market expected to generate revenues close to around 565 billion dollars by 2026. This will happen at a CAGR of 6.58%. Hence, in short, the solutions have a good value proposition for businesses. However, it is not enough to simply embrace mobile apps. It requires channeling some methods so that the journey of building the app becomes quite a pleasant one indeed.

There are several techniques used in building a mobile app. One that is most popular is cross-platform app development. This is because the apps built channeling this method can work seamlessly on the platforms – Android and iOS. This simultaneously does not cost much. Therefore, it comes as a blessing in disguise for those setting base for the first time in the world of business.

So, while cross-platform app development is indeed a blessing in disguise for new business ventures when building an app, it equally demands that while building the app using this method one select a framework that makes the process extremely fast.

Currently, the most popular framework that is particularly recommended by developers when building a cross-platform app is Flutter.

As you read the article below, you will get knowledge on this framework, followed by its pros and cons as well. All this in the end will help you to make the app development journey a really pleasant one before you go ahead using this framework.

Let us begin.

All You Need to Know about Flutter

Released in 2017 as an open-source UI software development kit by Google, Flutter is used for building cross-platform apps. This is across platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and the web. Using a single codebase, it becomes easy for mobile app developers to build apps across all these platforms.

Looking at this definition, I am sure you must be feeling, that channeling Flutter app development will prove to be a game-changer for your business.

Well, that is something worth a debate. Already used by big names like eBay, Groupon, etc, the framework allows these businesses to get a uniform appearance.

However, it is important to note, that despite the uniformity it provides businesses within their mobile and web app, it also has a series of cons.

In the lines below, I highlight the pros and cons associated with using this framework. Once you have gone through the same, I am sure the decision-making process for you will become easy and you will be able to decide if you should be using this framework or not.

Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development


Delivers Smooth App Experience

The Skia Graphics Library present in Flutter is an exceptionally fast, and mature open-source graphics library. This works towards redrawing the UI especially when the view gets transformed. This provides an altogether quick loading as well as a smooth app experience to users.

Updating is Easy

The presence of the hot reload feature allows the Flutter app developer to make changes within the app in real-time. This makes code experimentation favorable alongside ensuring quick bug fix too at the same time.

In addition to the pros mentioned above, Flutter also has some cons. This might be an alarm thus if used by specific apps.


Hard to Provide a Native Look and Experience

As Flutter is cross-platform, therefore obtaining a platform-specific look becomes hard to accomplish. Hence, it becomes difficult to achieve a native look or appearance for the final solution that the flutter app developer builds.

Third-Party Libraries – Missing

This is something missing in Flutter. Since it possesses fewer tools and libraries, the apps built on the framework might not function that well.

You need to remember, that these items assist in automating the software development journey and reduce the need to relieve code from scratch. Since this is missing in the framework, it is, therefore, worth a concern for developers.

It is, however, significant to note here; that since the support and backing the framework receives from Google is immense, the future of the framework is bright.

Wrapping Up

Flutter app development is channeled by some of the big names like Tencent, Square, and Alibaba Group, to name a few. Ensuring extremely high performance, and promising an accelerated development speed, Flutter supports developers to build an app that gets launched faster and attracts more users. However, before going ahead and connecting with a Flutter app developer, make sure you research if the framework will help you get a solution that addresses your business needs or not. This will make your decision-making easy and transport your business to the next-gen level in the shortest possible time.

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Anita Shah

I am a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company. I love to write informative articles and share my knowledge through content marketing.

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