Gaining An Understanding Of The Various Hoarding Nooks And Corners

Before we begin discussing the temporary hoarding panel, we should take a look at a few frequently used human activities: Public safety, security for the public and crowd control, storage of materials as well as theft prevention, and construction sites.

They all have the same thing in common – they all require well-defined boundaries to distinguish them from their environment. This will ensure that the activities are carried out with the least disruptions caused by individuals or elements. That is unaware of the existence of such operations.

But, sometimes require permanent boundaries, and it is at this point that the need for artificial hoarding comes into play. It is a possible alternative to permanent boundaries that are require in situations where the above-mention activities are perform on a limit basis. Therefore, let’s take a look at some reasons to use a temporary hoarding panel.

How Do You Define Hoarding Construction?

The hoarding system can be describ as a fencing solution design to completely surround the construction site. Or other construction areas, while the work is going on.

Hoarding systems are typically construct to be utilize in a variety of public areas where there is no way that public safety could be at risk.

Social Gatherings

For large gatherings, such as social gatherings, typically there is the necessity of dividing several venues in the hope to simplify the process of crowd control.

It is in this situation that hoardings are put in place that are able to fulfill the task of effectively managing the crowd and can be remove after the event. There might be partitions around the locations where tickets first are purchas. Followed by entry points, the locations of different occasions, etc.

Industrial Construction Sites

The construction sites industrial scale often need restrictions on the public’s movement to the restrict zones. To do this, hoardings are use to distinguish the site from the surrounding area. 

The significance of hoarding signage at construction sites is evident from the fact that in many cases the safety of those inadvertently wandering through the restrict areas is at risk. A permanent boundary may also serve a purpose, however, it can cause issues in the future landscape.

Other Uses For Short-Term Fencing

The same principle is use in parks as well as disaster management relief sites where it is often beyond the limits of control. Parking areas in particular have to be able to handle these short-term hoardings much more than relief sites due to the massive amount of vehicles they have to accommodate regularly.

Without clear, but temporary delimitations, the task of parking and managing the parking of cars could become awry. There is the possibility of damage to cars parked in the parking lot and fights among customers. The whole thing would lead to a loss of time for the majority of the people who organize. To prevent such extremes temporary hoarding boards are put up.

Are Hoardings On Construction Sites A Legal Obligation?

Building site hoarding is utilizing in a high-risk and dangerous zone and is, therefore, a legally required requirement. This is state within the Construction Regulations 2015, where it is explicitly state that construction locations must have a secure line to ensure the security of people.

Construction work can’t be conduct in the open, without clearly define boundaries. Hoardings ensure that the area is within the safety measures stipulate within the Health and Safety Act 1974. When you put a hoarding at the site location, you’ve taken all the precautions necessary to conduct work in a safe way.

Building Site Hoarding

What Are The Security Requirements?

There are two main security requirements for hoarding at the site. First, measures are require to offer sufficient security to the public when you are at work. This is consistent with the primary goal of a construction site and hoarding, which is security.

The second reason is that access to the site by unauthorize persons should be block. Like most laws, there is a lot of information fill with jargon. Here are a few most significant hoarding security issues to be aware of.

Height Requirements

Although there aren’t any set guidelines for the size of hoarding on a construction site, they should not be too high for anyone to climb easily. Therefore, hoardings on sites tend to be quite large and intimidating to block any unauthorized access to the equipment that is store inside.

Strength Requirements

Hoardings for sites must be strong and solid that’s why we design ours using high-quality wood. Hoardings for construction sites meet the minimum requirements of being sturdy enough to withstand the test of time and mind and not fall down by force or be pierce to allow forced entry.

Access Requirements

Accessing hoardings at construction sites needs to be conducted in a controlled way. Therefore, there shouldn’t be large open spaces. To ensure safety hoardings need to have gate locks that are secure as well as access points. This will allow you to track the number of people that are on the premises while also making sure that the public cannot wander through the area.

Display Requirements

Hoardings need to effectively hide areas of construction. The law is design to minimize the risk of theft, while also creating an invisible boundary between people and the site which will increase privacy and security.

What Is The Best Time To Have A Construction Site Hoarding Be Install?

Hoardings for construction sites must be in place prior to the beginning of any project. This is to ensure there is no construction work done without the proper security measures in the place.

Once the hoarding is approving, it will be built and put on the site after an extensive risk evaluation. Every step is carrie out with the safety of the public in mind. 

What Size Of A Construction Site Hoarding Have To Be?

As guideline hoardings for construction sites have to be at least 8 feet tall. There is no limit to their size. As we said, hoardings that can’t be scale are consider to be tall enough.

If the circumstances demand it, you can create hoardings that are a little bigger than this. The surroundings surrounding the location of the hoarding are also considering when determining the size. A nearby wall might create a higher hoarding since it could assist climbers.

Who Is Responsible For A Building Site Hoarding?

Hoardings on construction sites are the responsibility of the project’s head contractor. Thus, the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the safety and health regulations is on the shoulders of their employees. Subcontractors, also known as Temporary Works Coordinators are usually brought to ensure there is a group of eyes focusing on the security measures at the job site.

In reality, Britain’s Standard 5975, for temporary works, suggests that the control of the site be given to a train TWC to minimize the risk of dangers slipping across the net.

How Often Do Hoardings Have To Be Remaining Clean?

After installation, the construction site hoarding should be inspected regularly and maintained to ensure they serve its purpose throughout the project.

Although there aren’t any maintenance rules in place as of now, it’s excellent to inspect the structure for damages regularly. Usually, a schedule for inspections is set and must be strictly adhere to in order to ensure optimal performance.

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