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Get insight into the forklift working mechanism & where it is used!

forklift working mechanism

The forklift is a piece of industrial equipment mainly used in construction sites & warehouses. These are very suitable for carrying heavy loads. Its use is very common and comprehended by everyone, but everyone wonders how these devices work. When looking for forklift hire in Auckland, you should be careful with its working mechanism.

Let’s discuss the elements that are involved in it.

Components involved in forklift

There are various types of elements that are used to handle the task effortlessly. Such as truck frame, power source and many more. Here they are-


  • Counterweight

The Counterweight is identify as a cast-iron weight attached to the rear part of the forklift. On Electric Forklift, Counterweight has a fixed lead-acid battery.

  • Truck frame

These are the essential elements which complete the base structure of the machine. It carries all the essential components, such as wheels, Counterweight and mast attached to the machine.

  • Carriage

It is in the market to move the forklift upwards & downwards. These are attached to the mast as the base of the forklift, helping perform various tasks.

  • Power Source

The power source consists of various combustion engines. The engine might be filled with diesel, CNG, LPG and natural gas. Electric Forklifts derive power from fuel cells or Lead Acid Batteries.

  • Mast

A vertical component that raises and lowers loads is called a mast. Interlocking Rails make up the Mast component, which provides horizontal control. The mast can have rollers, just like a Carriage.

This is all about the elements that are involved in forklift machines. There are many forklifts hired in Auckland that you can consider for your business purpose.

But, You still don’t understand how these work, so let’s discuss the same.

How do forklifts work?

These are the internal mechanism of forklifts-

  • As a lifting machine

The lifting handle is attached to an electrical air pump at the forklift’s base. Pushes it through a filter, and forces it into a tube that extends to the hydraulic cylinders when the handle is encouraged.

The hydraulic cylinder consists of a hollow tube closed at one end and has a flexible, fixed-end piston slicked. This causes the air to become trapped, allowing the gas to release.

The pressure inside the cylinder increases as the gas volume inside it increases. When pressure is involved in the piston head area, an upward force is built. As a result of this force increasing the gas volume and lowering the pressure.

  • Lifting The Load

The Operator signals the forklift to pump extra air into the cylinders by pushing the handle forward.

  • To lessen the burden.

When the operator pulls the handle backwards, a specific valve opens and releases gas from the cylinders.

  • As a roller chain pulley

The two major vertical structures, or masts, are where the hydraulic pistons are attached. A pair of roller chain pulleys are employed to attach the forks intended to transport the weight to the forklift’s main body.

It occurs because one side of the chain is attached to the forklift’s immovable frame. However the masts can only travel upward when the forks are pulled upward by gears rotating in a clockwise motion.

The main mechanism of this is that it allows the forks to go away from the cylinders. If this will not work in the roller chain, it requires the more significant, taller cylinder to reach the exact height.

  • Controls

There are two types of controls available on the forklift. These are the steering controller & the lifting controller.

Moreover, the steering controllers control the driving parts such as the wheel, acceleration, and more. These are specially invented to allow operators to take a greater degree of rotation.

These lifting control operates similarly to the previously stated lifting mechanism. The Tilting Mechanism is a little unique. Two more sets of hydraulic cylinders are bound to the base of the masts.


The air fills the chamber automatically whenever the Tilt Handle is moved forward. The increase in pressure is sufficient to cause the piston head to move and to cause the masts to separate from the body of the vehicle.

Once the Tilt Handle is transferred, air slowly exits the cylinder and is pumped to other cylinders. Those are attached to the pole.

So whenever you are looking for a forklift for sale in Auckland, consider its mechanism at the best level & then make a decision.

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