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Guide to cleaning up after events

As long as you receive people, it will always be necessary to include the cleaning of the mess after the events. The task intensifies according to the scope of your concept. A festival ground will be more difficult to maintain than a small conference room, for example. However, like other elements of your planning, anticipation will be required to reduce post-event waste.

Your tailor-made event

Impress your guests by organizing an event in your image. From the conference, to the product launch and the company evening, make this moment unforgettable.

Cleaning up after events should therefore be on your to-do list as soon as you have decided on the location. Even if the latter does not require you to return spaces nickel, it represents a sign of respect towards the owners. You arrived in a clean place. It must be in the same state when you leave. It’s also a way to set a good civic example while boosting your brand image.


  • Cleaning up after events prepares in advance
  • Your staff will not be enough
  • Don’t forget hidden areas when cleaning up after events
  • During the event, raise awareness!

Cleaning up after events prepares in advance

You will need supplies and equipment when cleaning up after events. Don’t wait until the last moment to get them. Buy them in advance so you can immediately get to work when the time comes. This represents a considerable saving of time. In addition, in case of urgent damage to manage, you will already have the necessary equipment at your disposal.

Here are the must-haves to check before the event: garbage bags, paper towels, cleaning rags, all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, carpet and furniture cleaner . Add gloves, litter scoops, and any other tools you find useful to the list. Promote resistant and biodegradable materials in order to preserve the environment and the health of personnel.

Your event is coming soon?

Call on our team of specialists who will find the professional cleaning service providers you need as soon as possible. An unforgettable event in record time!

Your staff will not be enough

Cleaning up after events requires a lot of human resources. Your team will have neither the desire nor the strength to tackle the task, since everyone already has their own attributions. The most diligent will pass a cloth on the table and a broom on the floor, but that will not be enough. In addition, these people have not been trained for thorough and efficient maintenance work.

We therefore advise you to call on professionals who will opt for steam cleaning or pressure washing quickly. Also hire a team dedicated to maintenance throughout the event or who will take care of the waste collection afterwards. Some planners also use volunteers in exchange for discounts, tickets or other forms of non-monetary compensation. Extra hands are always welcome at large venues.

Don’t forget hidden areas when cleaning up after events

We often overlook less obvious places during post-event cleanup. However, the waste is more easily concentrated there. Start with these areas to be sure to leave nothing to chance: toilets, patios, parking lots. These are the hot spots for customers. By tackling it first, you’ll get through the rest of the spaces faster.

During the event, raise awareness!

To reduce the professional post events cleaning work , encourage your participants to keep the premises clean. Make sure there are bins placed throughout the venue so that the public can easily dispose of their rubbish. Clearly state the triage system, so there is no confusion. In the dining and relaxation areas, double the trash cans. It is possible to raise people’s awareness of zero waste by offering reusable cups and cutlery. Instead of throwing them away, they can bring them back to merchants for a symbolic refund.

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