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Help Yourself With Health Astrology To Your Medical Issues

Ved was a Hindu boy who faced common medical issues every day. One day, Sanjay, his friend, asked him to follow health astrology on the internet. He told him that his health problems may be related to his Kundali! a famous online astronomer should study him.

When A well-known astronomer examined ved’s Kundali, he found that he had some horoscope health problems. After examining, the astronomer gave him many treatments, and after following those remedies, Ved’s health showed improvement. 

Sickness, diseases and the human body are closely related. It is known to us that diseases nowadays have become an important part of our lives. According to medical astrology reading, each sickness is directly or indirectly related to the person’s symptoms and the planets. If the person’s zodiac and the planets are weak, they usually catch diseases. Although we do not face regular sickness in our daily life, we can suffer from sickness.

All parts of his body are associated with the zodiac sign! But some zodiac signs are related to long-going, chronic, and boring sickness. Each part has defined quality and specifications and plays an important role in the structure of our body.

So what are the different Zodiac signs? What is their importance in health astrology?

Zodiac signs play an important role in health astrology reading. The importance of each zodiac sign is mentioned below:-

  • Aries – The people, having aries as their zodiac sign, are related to the head, brain, and face.
  • Taurus- The people having Taurus as their zodiac sign are related to throat, throat, and lips
  • Gemini – The people having Gemini as their zodiac sign are related to lungs, hands, and arms
  • Cancer – The people having cancer as their zodiac sign are related to the abdomen, breasts, ribs,
  • Leo – The people having Leo as their zodiac sign are related to the heart, bag, spine, and forearm.
  • Virgo – The people having Virgo as their zodiac sign are related to the intestines, back, fingers, spleen
  • Libra – The people having Libra as their zodiac sign is related to kidneys, skin, and back
  • Scorpio – The people have Scorpio as their zodiac sign are related to the bladder, anus, nose, appendix
  • Sagittarius – The people having Sagittarius as their zodiac sign are related to hips, thighs, nerves, and arteries
  • Capricorn- The people having Capricorn as their zodiac sign are related to knees, joints, teeth, and skin
  • Aquarius – The people having Aquarius as their zodiac sign are related to legs, ankles, and circulation
  • Pisces – The people having Pisces as their zodiac sign are related to feet, toes, lymphatic system

Astrological houses in health astrology and the diseases that are connected:-

Health astrology is generally treated with a person’s astrology in mind. In other words, a man’s psychology. There are nearly 12 houses in astrology, and each house consists of different diseases.

  • The first house:- The first part consists of other body parts such as the head, mind, skin, and hair.
  • The second house – The second house contains other parts of the body. Like the face, right eye, teeth, tongue, nose, voice, nails, and the brain. When the second house is weakened! illnesses such as high fever, heart disease, stomach and skin diseases, broken bones, leprosy, internal fever, and brain problems develop.
  • The third house – The third house focuses on the bones of the neck, larynx, throat, hands, breathing, and body growth. When this house is weakened! we can get diseases like poisoning, cuts, wounds, eye infections, itching, high blood pressure, lack of energy and other diseases.
  • The fourth house- The fourth house comprises the body’s inner core, such as the chest, heart, lungs, and blood pressure. The weakening of this house can result in the worst scenarios.

Some other houses that have an impact on health astrology:-

  • The fifth house – The fifth part comprises the above the abdomen! the heart, gallbladder, vitality, viscera, intelligence, mind, sperm, and the uterus. This house is also known for the absence of disease.
  • During this time, the person’s health improves, and the person starts to recover from diseases.
  • The sixth house- The sixth house comprises the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, uterus, and anus. The weakness in this house results in a gain in chances of getting sick.
  • The seventh house- The seventh house comprises the uterus, ovaries, ovaries, sperm, and prostate.

The eighth house- The eighth house has external genitals, amputations, long-term illnesses, and accidents. The weakness of this house results in emotional suffering and misery.  

The important houses that have a major impact on health Astrology:

The important houses that have a major impact on health astrology are:

  • The ninth house- The ninth house focuses on the lower torso, like knees, thighs, joints, and bones. This house also affects dental and skin diseases, blindness, mental disorders, wounds, paralysis, hysteria, tumours, and baldness.
  • The tenth house- The tenth house is similar to the ninth house! but it has diseases like stomach pain, blindness, ulcers, joint pain, broken bones, etc. 
  • The eleventh house- The eleventh house refers to calves, left ear, left arm, buttocks, and many more. This house is responsible for chronic diseases.
  • The twelfth house- The twelfth house controls the left eye, insomnia, mental equilibrium, helplessness, ageing, death, physical joy and sadness. This house is commonly used for the treatment of diseases.

The effects and uses of health astrology today:

Health astrology helps predict sickness using original charts. By following medical astrology, one can get proper solutions to their problems and ailments. A specific planet is responsible for each part of the human body. Their weakness and strength depend on their stars and disastrous planetary influence on different parts of their bodies. It tells us about free health horoscope houses. Even if one house of a person is weak, the person may suffer from any health issues. If a person follows the advice and takes the necessary medical precautions, he can stay fit all his life.

Very subtle signs can indicate a health problem on the birth chart. There is a certain planet that is home in the health horoscope which portends health problems and diseases. Instead of ignoring it, it’s always wiser to give yourself the attention you deserve. 

Health should always come first because doctors have various tools to detect and treat certain diseases. There are specialised astrological tools to identify the symptoms of common health problems as well as specific diseases. The natal chart contains specific planets and houses for diseases and medical problems. There are also methods that relate the symptoms of certain diseases. There are different houses and planets in the horoscope.

Different types of Health astrology

Astrological treatments can take various forms, such as gemstones, rudraksha, colour therapy, Yagyas, ayurvedic medicine, Vastu etc. In the middle period, Free health horoscopes and medicine were very close. 

During this period, astronomers considered that human disease was caused by the weakness! One of the 12 or more houses in its sign. Astronomers had this belief that by interpreting the effects of the stars on the human body! they could easily determine the cause of his illness. 

Medical astrology shows us that 12 signs of the human body are affected. From this, they concluded that the location of the planets and astrology influenced a person’s life. This caused problems that the person is facing.

Importance of health astrology

In people’s lives, free horoscope online have more meaning. The person is educated and well aware of the problem and the causes of their illness. Suppose we have daily health problems and could not find a cure. It’s worth seeking medical astronomer advice. Our health is affected by the planets, stars and constellations.

In other words, 12 houses are in good condition with the correct planets in them! we will not face any health problems. But if there is a problem, one should go to an astronomer without hesitation.


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