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How Can I Get An Email List From LinkedIn For Marketing?

LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies to reach new customers and grow your sales and revenue. It’s also a fantastic way to build long-term relations with current and existing customers.

But without a solid and targeted email list, you’ll never see the amazing ROI that so many companies are currently experiencing.

In this detailed guide, we’re going to look at how to:

Find emails and phone numbers for targeted industries and countries from LinkedIn quickly?

Extract emails from LinkedIn profiles and search results?

Save/export emails from LinkedIn profile to Excel or CSV files?

How Can I Find Emails On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has become one of the favorite tools for business owners, marketers, and professionals to build a list of emails and phone numbers for targeted industries and countries.

Yes, you read that right.

LinkedIn is no longer a platform that helps you to get the right job only. But, It also helps you to collect b2b sales leads for your businesses and marketing campaigns. LinkedIn helps you to build b2b email lead lists and phone number lists based on the location and keywords.

Let’s say you search for “Digital Marketing Agencies In New York” on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn displays the list of companies with complete details in New York. The company profiles are displayed on LinkedIn search results.

When you click on a LinkedIn company profile you will find the complete contact information of a company such as company email address, phone number, staff, social media links, website link, and much more. The LinkedIn search results run to multiple pages. There are more than 55 million companies registered on LinkedIn worldwide.

So LinkedIn helps you to find the company data in New York. In this way, you can find data for any location and industry by typing your keywords on LinkedIn.

How Can I Scrape Emails From LinkedIn?

When you find the company profile of your target on LinkedIn. The next step is to extract their business contact information from a LinkedIn profile to an Excel sheet or your database and build email marketing lists.

To build an email address list or email marketing data from LinkedIn, you have to manually click each company profile and visit the “contact” or “about us” page to copy-paste the company information into your database. Typically, you will get thousands, even millions of results for your keywords from LinkedIn. You have to manually visit each LinkedIn Company profile and export data from a business profile to Excel to build an email address list. It is a tiresome and time-consuming task. Also, there are chances of errors when copy-pasting data from LinkedIn company profiles that can affect the quality of the list. This is where LinkedIn scraping tools such as LinkedIn Company Extractor and LinkedIn Lead come in handy.

LinkedIn Company Extractor 

By using LinkedIn Company Email Scraper, you can easily find your prospect’s data from LinkedIn in targeted locations by keywords, zip codes, and LinkedIn profile URLs. LinkedIn Company Scraper has made LinkedIn Scraping a completely automatic process. You just need to find data with your keywords and the LinkedIn Scraping tool will automatically find, extract, and export data from LinkedIn search results and company profiles for you.

To build an email address list from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Company Extractor:

Search for the businesses on LinkedIn by zip code, name, and business profile URL.

Select the found LinkedIn search results for data scraping.

Click on the Extract button to extract data from selected search results.

LinkedIn Bulk Email Extractor instantly extracts the company name, address, phone number, email address, website link, and much more. It will help you to build your own email address list in no time for the targeted industry and country from LinkedIn. You don’t need to manually scroll to the next pages for LinkedIn Scraping. LinkedIn Crawler automatically navigates to the next page and scrapes data from the next page LinkedIn company profiles. You can add a list of company profile URLs in the software for data extraction.

LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Lead Extractor also enables you to build an email list and phone number list of targeted users for the targeted countries and industries from LinkedIn as it can scrape emails, phone numbers, connections, job titles, job history, and much more from a LinkedIn user profile. Whether you are running an email marketing campaign or a mobile marketing campaign, LinkedIn Data Extractor can find and build a list of emails and phone numbers for both marketing campaigns from LinkedIn.

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