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How to address the legal issues in Metaverse?

Metaverse is indeed evolving as the world’s digital counterpart. A 3D virtual world focusing on connection is gaining popularity nowadays and has become a trending topic. It has two major elements including a blockchain platform and virtual worlds. Metaverse will be a social space where you can build experiences by simulating human emotions and gestures. It is a form of cyberspace that ensures personal data is secure. Furthermore, you can interact with the world and other users but there are several issues metaverse needs to address.

There are various legal issues related to data security, copyright, intellectual property and some investment activities. Additionally, there are issues such as infringement and enforcement that can be faced while using the conceptualization of the metaverse.

According to the metaverse expert, there may be other concerns like user addiction. And, that could create a challenging situation for all the users in this virtual reality world. A lot of technology companies are looking forward to investing in the metaverse because they have a significant interest in advancing their VR technology. Therefore, it is important to deal with legal issues by a proper assessment of the implementation of the metaverse. For a better understanding of the legal issues, you need to have a detailed knowledge of what metaverse is.

Table of contents

  • What is Metaverse?
  • Legal issues that metaverse will raise
  • Data Privacy and Security of the users
  • User addiction
  • Intellectual Property
  • Closing Thoughts

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse being the 3D virtual world is a perfect fusion of physical and virtual reality. You will be amazed to know that you can buy and sell lands, buildings, and identities in a virtual world with digital currencies.

Metaverse would uniquely involve different avatars and identities that can walk around, have friends, and visit places in a virtual environment. For example, if you need to visit a cafe with your friends, you could travel in this virtual environment and have an e-meeting.

It will allow people to imagine endless possibilities with no bounds. People can shop for Products and services, attend live concerts and play games by having multiple digital personalities. Interestingly, both blockchain and virtual reality are part of the metaverse.

According to the Metaverse expert, Web 3.0 will consist of blockchain-enabled decentralized applications. But, there’s still a need for better blockchain education on the subject. A blockchain platform can make the metaverse possible due to its decentralized nature. Most importantly, it can open up more legal issues for both NFTs and metaverse. These can become complex issues for the platform and virtual currencies.

In general terms, all evolving technologies do develop some drawbacks the more they gain popularity. Hence, speculation from the lawyer’s committee with the people wanting to dive into the metaverse might occur. Let’s have a look at them to reach a sufficient scale and adoption of the metaverse.

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Legal issues that metaverse will raise

As per the metaverse expert, various investors have decided to jump into the NFTs and the metaverse. But they seem curious to explore the legal issues and drawbacks metaverse has for them. Of course, it has more benefits than drawbacks. Despite the benefits, the metaverse market does not have strong investors. Maybe because it is difficult to predict the extent of visions of it. There has been a wide range of legal implications metaverse has like data security, social media use, addictions, and safety. So, let’s discuss some of them.

1] Data Privacy and Security of the users

Metaverse can expose new categories of your personal data to other online users. And, there may be possible legal implications related to it. For example, the facial expressions and gestures of your avatar. For this, a user needs to provide sensitive data regarding their behavior to create their digital Avatar. As a result, it might threaten the privacy of owners because the leaked information of the user can create serious issues. Thus, to operate this with responsibility data needs to have a high-security standard. Further, it will improve the operability even when multiple entities are using a single metaverse platform. Nonetheless, legal implications of the metaverse give rise to antitrust concerns.

2] User addiction

Every one of us is familiar with video games. Hence, you must be well aware of how addictive gaming platforms are. It raises major concerns for meta-verse adoption. Hence, if the development of virtual reality distorts mental and physical repercussions it might result in depression.

Moreover, users might experience anxiety, stress, and other mental illnesses due to addiction. In addition to this, meta-verse will give a sedentary lifestyle to people. It would increase the risk of cardiac problems and obesity if users keep engaging in it for a prolonged time.

The metaverse expert considers it as a new age of digital addiction. Mark Zuckerberg says the meta-verse is a futuristic world but is also extremely harmful and addictive. Aside from this, it may magnify the problems related to sexual abuse. Overall, it’s a major concern for everyone including child predators.

3] Intellectual Property

Intellectual property ownership is another legal issue that major tech companies will face. And, the problem will double down in the meta-verse if the fashion and luxury goods sectors grow. In addition to this, it will be difficult to track copyright infringement. As a result, the content in the meta-verse will need licensing.

Closing Thoughts

The meta-verse could pose issues for its users. It needs careful reviewing to determine the identity of the original creator. Additionally, meta-verse creators should encourage trademark laws for digital assets. The integration of the blockchain platform and NFT can make this holographic digital world possible. Hence, opting for a blockchain certification in India can bring a professional advantage to you along with a better understanding of the legal issues.

Check out the BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL to know more. The platform offers multiple courses on blockchain under the guidance of highly qualified professionals. The blockchain certification will validate your expertise in the field.

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