How To Answer: Why Do You Want This Job

Why Do You Want This Job, — You’ll almost certainly be asked this interview question at some point if you’re looking for a new job. The “dumbest question ever,” according to several applicants, is annoying and seems pointless.

However, a justification is requested.

There are two key points to keep in mind when crafting your response to this inquiry: “Why Do You Want This Job?” and “Why are you interested in this position?” You can get the whole response you’ll use in an interview by combining the responses to these two questions.

Answering “Why Do You Want This Job?”

The hiring manager is seeking for a candidate who will love working at the organisation and fit in.

A solid response will show that you are knowledgeable about the organisation and sector. So that you may pinpoint specific reasons for wanting to work there, you must perform your research.

One or more of the following could be among these explanations:

  • a company’s general standing
  • Reputation of key figures Admiration for goods and services
  • appreciation for additional initiatives taken by the company (marketing campaigns, community involvement, training programs)
  • principles and culture of the company
  • Success or growth of the company

There are certainly other explanations that also apply. Please take note that “I need the money” and “It’s near my house” are not acceptable justifications.

Be mindful of the significance of cultural fit. Before the interview, you can learn a lot about a company’s culture. Many businesses are pleased to promote the type of culture they are attempting to foster. Make it apparent in the interview whether you believe it fits with your preferences and skill set.

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Common mistakes: “Why Do You Want This Job?”

  • An overly broad response that may be used for any corporation. This error is commonly made by job seekers. They remark something along the lines of, “I’d love to work there; it’s a terrific firm.” Although pleasant, that isn’t very memorable.
  • a sloppy response that demonstrates your lack of research The worst thing you can do is show that you have no knowledge of the company’s operations or that you have a hazy understanding and are relying on the interviewer to fill you in.
  • a lacklustre response that makes the interviewer doubt your sincerity in your desire for the position. The interviewer wants to see that you are enthusiastic about the prospect of working for their business. Never respond with, “I heard there were some open positions,

Sample Responses to Why Do You Want This Job?

Sample answer #1:

“Well, the JP Morgan brand is undoubtedly important. With such a lengthy history of being a leader in its field, JP Morgan is a company I would be happy to work for in the future. Additionally, a close family friend of mine who has worked in corporate finance at JP Morgan for the past two years told me that the company’s culture encourages on-the-job learning and development and genuinely rewards effort. I think I would be a great fit at JP Morgan since I share these beliefs.

Why we like it:

In this instance, the applicant is attending an interview for a position with the well-known company JP Morgan. Many candidates have a tendency to just respond, “Well, it’s JP Morgan,” in circumstances like this. This illustrative response discusses the reputation and background of JP Morgan while also showing that the applicant took the time to conduct some further network research. The remainder of the response focuses on the candidate’s morals, discipline, and desire to grow in their position.

Sample answer #2: 

“I read a Business Week article about John Jacobs, your new CEO, and the company’s renewed commitment to technological innovation. I see myself as an inventor, and I would adore working for a company that is shaping the future of the sector.

Why we like it:

It’s a good idea to research any firm where you are being interviewed recently. In this instance, the candidate discovered a story about the company’s new CEO. They sound knowledgeable, prepared, and engaged when they quote it.

Additionally, they highlight the passage from the article that discusses innovation and state that this is a common value. The fact that they call the company an industry leader is helpful. Just be careful not to overdo it. A little flattery can work.

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