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How to Care for Wood Window Frames

Window frames made of wood for homes are a great choice for homes because of their many advantages. They have a classic style that makes them ideal for older and craftsman-style houses and log cabins. They are also made of wood which is a renewable, natural resource. United Home Experts Natural wood window frames are able to insulate homes 400 times more effective than window frames made of steel, and 1800x greater than aluminum frames. They’re also better at reducing noise that comes out of your home than vinyl and aluminum window frames. The disadvantage? Window frames made of wood require more frequent maintenance than other kinds of window frames. However, with the right care, they are visually appealing window frames will last as long as 30 years, and boost their value to your house.

How to care for wood window frames

You build a wood awing frame or wood window frame. You must have cleaned them at least every six months to extend their lifespan and ensure they look nice. Charl Jacobz is an experienced Saarland homeowner who has wooden frames, explains that regular maintenance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. “If regular maintenance is carried out it will stop any problems that might arise prior to they begin or even in the initial stages. This can surely help you save time, effort, and cash over the long term.”

Inspection and cleaning twice every year

Begin by wiping your window frame the exterior and interior clean of dust, dirt, and dust with a dry, clean cloth. Dust and dirt could cause severe damage to the wood’s finish due to its high acidity. Cleansing them with a cloth will expose any problems that may be beneath and will help stop other issues from arising. Then, you can use a cloth, a soft scrubber, or soft-bristled brushes to wash the wooden window frame using moderate soap, and warm water. It is possible to apply any neutral soap you have at hand or a specially designed wood soap. The key is to use only a small amount of liquid and not soak the wood.

Hence, avoid washing it off using a hose or pressure washer. When your frames for windows appear very grimy, look at adding one teaspoon of baking soda to the soapy water you use. If the frames of your windows paint white, apply a bit of bleach diluted to remove stains fast. To prevent discoloration, do not apply bleach to windows that treat using varnish, stain wax, oil, or stain.

Hot spots of preventative maintenance

The process of cleaning and inspecting the frames of your wooden windows every two years will allow you to detect any changes in the wood and direct you to additional maintenance that is required to avoid problems from developing.

If you see mold or mildew

Mildew and mold can accumulate on wooden frames for windows. Mildew and mold can accumulate on window frames when the moisture accumulates either inside or outside of your home. If you are experiencing problems in the interior of the frames, think about purchasing a dehumidifier that can remove moisture from your home and help to keep your family healthy. To remove the mold and mildew that is already present make a mixture comprising four parts of water and one part of white vinegar distilled and apply it to those areas affected. The solution should rest for a few minutes, then wash according to the instructions in the previous paragraph.

If you notice cracks in the wood

Cracks can appear in the midst of nowhere, as wooden structure expands or contracts during the changing seasons. If you do see cracks appearing, you need to remove them and fill them in with an external wooden filler. After it is dry, sand and polish the area smooth and restore the entire window frame, sealing it.

The best way to repair wooden window frames

Not the last, but definitely not the last, every wooden window frame needs to refinish every 2 to 3 years to guard the frame from elements in a proactive manner. The exterior of the frame requires refinishing more frequently in comparison to the interiors, however, having them both simultaneously is a great idea. Begin by sanding all the frames of the window using fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe off the dust using a dry, clean cloth.

Next apply a uniform coat of the desired stain, varnish, or oil on the dry, smooth wood. If you decide to paint your wooden window frames, make sure to apply an oil-based or latex-based paint that comes with primer, or primer first to get the best results, particularly on the outside. If you want to finish your interior, look for low or zero VOC products. The sealants that are water-based, like Bio-Shield are safer for interior air and will not get you sick.

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With a bit of love with regular cleaning, wood window frames will last for at least 30 years. Although they require some extra care than modern aluminum and vinyl windows frames, the visual beauty of wooden window frames is unbeatable.

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