How To Download Facebook Videos On iPhone Easily And Quickly?

How To Download Facebook Videos On iPhone; Here is the answer!

Facebook is one of the most famous networks on social networks. It is the place wherein you may effortlessly connect with your friends, families, and relatives, share memes, and photos, watch favorite videos, send and receive messages, and much more. While you may watch many different types of videos on Facebook, ranging from funny clips to movie trailers, one of the main drawbacks is that you can not download them on your iPhone.

Facebook might never bring video downloading capability to its platform, but there are 3rd party internet browsers on the internet that allows you to download your favored video from FB without difficulty. This coupled with an online Facebook downloader referred to as FDownloader will permit you to download any films from Facebook and save them on your iPhone.

If you wondering how to download Facebook videos on iPhone? In this article, we’ll show you the way to download your favorite videos easily and quickly.

FDownloader Facebook downloader for iPhone

FDownloader is one of the best online tools to download Facebook videos and save them to your computer, tablet, and mobile devices.

As one of the best Facebook downloaders for iPhone, FDownloader for Facebook helps users to enjoy their favorite videos on their iOS devices. If you want to know how to download Facebook videos on iPhone like movie trailers, funny videos, political videos, or other videos, you can use this site to download them. A unique feature of the FDownloader website is that you can download videos in SD, HD, and only audio.

FDownloader is safe for all users. We do not store uploaded videos and do not violate Facebook privacy terms or policies. To get started with this site, you need to visit the official FDownloader website and enter the URL of the video. Choose an option according to your needs. Then download the video to your iPhone or iPad.

Why use a Facebook video downloader?

Did you ever wondering how to download Facebook videos on iPhone? Why do we need a Facebook video downloader tool?

Facebook Video Downloader supports downloading videos from Facebook no matter what device or operating system you are using. Content downloads are available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, PCs, Linux, and Macs. You can download great quality videos through any web browser like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

The best thing about Fdownloader online tool is that it is completely free. We do not ask for money or registration. There is no limit to the number of videos you can get FB videos on iPhone with our tool. You can download videos from Facebook by simply copying the video link and pasting it into the FDownloader website. What makes this website quick and easy to download Facebook videos at any time is the ability to select the video quality before downloading. You can download standard and high-quality videos.

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone

Downloading Facebook videos to your phone is a different matter, and while there are apps that claim to be able to do it, using the FDownloader website is much easier. This works on Android and iOS. Again, this tool is for downloading Facebook videos for personal use. You may not have time to view the posted videos. It’s a great way to keep up with videos shared by your friends and followers on Facebook.

If you are wondering how to download Facebook videos on iPhone, try these steps

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone step-by-step

1: Open the Facebook mobile app or website on your iPhone.

2: Find the video you want to download and click the Share button at the bottom.

3: Slide your finger across the screen until you find the Copy Link option. Touch it.

4. Open your mobile browser and go to the official website of FDownloader.

5: Paste the URL of the video into the field at the top of the page. Then click the “Download” button next to the video.

6: The video preview will now appear on the screen.

7: Choose a download format from the table under Preview. HD or other formats

This will affect the file size and the space your video takes up on your mobile device.

8: Then click the Download button.

The video is now stored on a mobile device that can be played offline and remains as long as you want.

Where do I save my Facebook videos for iPhone after download?

It depends on the OS and Browser you are using, but usually, all videos are saved under the “Downloads” folder on your iPhone. You can also search in your browser to view your download history.

Best features of FDownloader for iPhone

  • Simple tool and easy to use
  • Easily download full Facebook videos with many qualities and formats
  • One-click download
  • Easily download Facebook Live videos
  • Our tool is 100% safe to download
  • You can download Facebook videos as much as you need with no limitations.
  • Fully supported and compatible with all browsers and devices.
  • No need to download any software on your device.

Is Facebook video downloader safe to use on iPhone?

FDownloader doesn’t store videos nor keeps copies of downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Facebook’s servers. Also, we don’t keep track of the download histories of our users, thus making using FDownloader Anonymous.

How do I download Facebook live videos on my iPhone?

To download Facebook live video, you have to wait for the streaming to finish. Then you can enter the video link into our online Facebook video downloader to download it like any other video.

This was the answer to your question about how to download Facebook videos on iPhone. There are many other websites you can use to download Facebook videos. However, FDownloader is the best solution for this. So, use this amazing tool to quickly and easily download your favorite Facebook videos. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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