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How to draw a dress

How to draw a dress

Discover how to draw a beautiful dress with drawing ideas and a single tutorial step by step. You can now easily create a beautiful clothing drawing. Dresses are articles or clothes with a long history. The dresses are also called clothes or clothes and are defined by a top that covers the upper body and a skirt that covers the legs. In antiquity and certain cultures today, men’s and women’s clothing correspond to this description. The clothes were sewn with a single piece of fabric or more, linked to the waist with a belt.


In the middle Ages, boys in Europe wore clothes until they reached the age of “thing” or wearing pants. This age was different. As it is well known, a prince wore clothes until he was in the 1920s! The conceptions or decorations on certain clothes have shown the social status of a woman. Today, clothes are generally considered to be clothes for women and girls. These range from simple clothes that look like a long t-shirt or a sweater to dresses artistically decorated for balls, weddings, and other special occasions.


In 2017, such a dress set the longest record of all time. A wedding dress in a French city famous for its best production had a long train or skirt, almost 5 miles long. It’s long enough to cover Mount Everest! Do you want to draw your fashion? This simple and step-by-step tutorial is there to help you. Everything you need is a pencil, an eraser and a sheet of paper.


Drawing a Dress

Step 1:

Start with a “V” shape to shape the neck of the dress. Then stretch one of the lines in the “V” beyond one of the lines. Draw two short lines, almost straight outwards in the “V.” Draw a short and curved line. Ride another longer curved line. It describes the upper or upper part of the dress.

Step 2:

Draw a bend line on the base of the upper part. Develop a short line down each end of the line. It forms the size or belt of the dress.

Step 3:

Develop a long curved line on each side of the belt. Connect the lines with a curved and wavy line by which the skirt is locked.

Step 4:

Draw bend lines from the base of the skirt and display the wrinkles in the fabric. Draw short and curved lines directly above the belt.

Step 5:

In detail, the belt with an arc. Draw an egg-shaped in the center of the belt to form the knot. Develop two lines on each side of the node and include the ribbon. Show wrinkles in the strip by extending the short arc lines outside.

Step 6:

Develop two sets of long curved node lines and extend the ribbon. Close the end of each volume with a short straight line and enter folds by placing short lines near the node.

Step 7:

Draw spikes or ruffles in each case. Do this with a curved and wavy line.

Step 8:

How to draw a dress

Develop some curved lines on each side of the dress and form your sleeves. Enter the end of each round with a curved line. Draw lines of different lengths on each round to display the wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 9:

How to draw a dress

Color your dress. The fabric can be colored in any imaginable color, so be creative!

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