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Reference and Education

How to excel and score high marks in the O/N Level exam?

Physics is one of the most important three subjects taken by students in Upper Secondary students. In Physics, some students find it quite hard to memorize the formulas and a few of them do not get any clues on how to apply them to several question scenarios. Many challenges are faced by pupils in Physics subject in Secondary Physics exam. It is highly recommended to engage with a reliable and experienced physics tuition teacher. Read this article to explore some vital tips to score high in the O/ N Level examination.

Know the differentiation between Pure and Combined Physics:

Before heading towards the tips, the students need to know the difference between pure and combined physics. At the upper secondary level, you can select either pure or combined physics. The foremost difference is that scientific disciplines are assessed as three distinct disciplines (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) in Pure science, whereas for Combined science, two scientific disciplines – Physics and Chemistry are evaluated as one subject. For combined physics, the syllabus is 20 to 25 per cent lesser than Pure Physics. The questions in Pure physics are usually not directly asked as compared to Combined Physics. Students who take up Pure Physics need to dedicate much time to study as contrasted to Combined Physics students.

Delve into some important tips to score high in O/N Level:

1) Familiarize with your examination structure

The students need to get familiarized with the O/N Level Physics Paper. This level contains three sections:

Paper 1 deals with Multiple Choice Questions and total marks – 40 marks. Pupils are given one hour to finish the paper. Students should take each question for 1 minute and leave around 15 minutes to check their answers back. Rechecking reduces many of the chances to make careless mistakes. Do not panic and take the stress. You can reach out to a good Physics tutor, who can help you out in sketching out time.

Paper 2 deals with Structured & Free-Response Questions. This paper contains two sections. Section A and Section B. The vital key to catch for scoring high marks here is by breaking down the question. When identified, pupils must look at the particular details. Most students need help in Paper 2 because there are various forms of application questions that are tricky. If you reach out to an experienced Physics tuition teacher, they can teach you the best way to answer the questions.

Paper 3 deals with Practical tests. Paper 3 for pure physics totals 40 marks and needs to be finished in 1 hour & 50 minutes consisting of two sections. For the combined physics, this paper totals 30 marks and is required to be finished in 1 hour and 30 minutes and contains 2 sections as well. Know the syllabus and content before approaching the Main examination.

2) Learn the needed formulas well

Physics subject involves loads of formulas and numbers. Physics is the same as maths. This exam tests the abilities of pupils for several formulas in the given scenarios for finding the solution to every problem. For O/ N Level Physics, formula sheets are provided. They must know the manipulation of the formulas for fitting into the questions. The most vital key to excelling in the O/N Level Exam is to grasp the physics topics and formulas well. Memorize the formulas as the fundamental prerequisite for avoiding time wastage in referring to lists again. Focus highly on practising formula application skills. Always remember when students apply any correct formulas, a mark is given. So the pupils need to understand each variable in each formula.

3) Try to make notes

One of the best methods to process Physics better is by creating and making notes. Writing down notes in school classes and physics tuition offers you an active way to fortify your knowledge. Each chapter has many concepts ranging from methods of application to definitions. Try not to pay them but rewrite them in your own words and make bullet points. While notes making, you realize consciously what you have understood throughout and what you did not. Grasp the important tips and hints that teachers drop for students. Students can efficiently refer back to these notes and focus on the vital concepts.

4) Proficiency in answering techniques

It is recommended to solve a ten years series. Physics Paper of O Level has a standard format. Practicing ten years of papers helps you in mastering the answering techniques. For that, you can approach your teacher for checking the answers. Try to ensure you complete the paper at the right time. Before examinations, understanding the right techniques are vital.

5) Take help from a Physics tuition teacher

There are many reasons why pupils do not usually ask questions in school classes. Either they are shy or feel awkward. It is important to seek help from tuition teachers. They can help by offering notes. Tuition teachers can know the weaknesses and strengths of students and provide one-to-one attention to them. Most tuition teachers provide a customized study plan that aids pupils in understanding the syllabus and concepts better. Have any serious doubts or queries? Tuition teachers are there to help students out. You can contact one of the trustable tuition teachers in Singapore.

The O/N Level examination is vital for every secondary student. Grades and results affect your future. So it is better to ace this subject. Do not limit your concepts and topics. Foremostly, grasp the concepts and learn the formulas well. Approach a good Physics tuition teacher.


O/N Level examination is one of the important examinations in Singapore. Miracle Learning Centre can help you in offering the best guidance for Physics to pupils.

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