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How to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Social media is one of the most powerful tools businesses have in the digital age, but if you aren’t practicing engagement strategies in your use of social media, you may be wasting your time. The entire point of social media is to engage one another, and companies are encouraged to think about social media as an always-on sales and marketing representative that should be continually striving to make new connections.

If you’re having a hard time engaging on social media, below are some tips to help you maximize your efforts: Ovik Mkrtchyan

Use Push Notifications

Did you know that you can increase engagement with push notifications? Push notifications are text, browser, in-app and desktop notifications that your customers and prospects can sign up to receive. Once someone opts in to receive notifications, you can push out notifications at will to an entire customer base, select users, or even further stratified categories of users.

The way to really increase engagement with push notifications is to balance your usage of these tools. Sending out too many notifications too often can cause someone to opt out as most people these days are already inundated with notifications. Sending too few notifications means you aren’t engaging enough to keep your brand at the forefront of a customer’s mind.

Hire a Social Media Manager

Having a dedicated social media manager is another way to improve your engagement. Trying to juggle your responsibilities at work while also managing all of your social properties can mean that you don’t have enough time to focus on social enough to really take advantage of engagement opportunities.

Your social media manager can handle tasks like posting updates and commenting on other profiles. Responding to comments and questions, liking posts, following or friending other profiles, and more. With a dedicated social media manager on your team. You can have an active and personal presence across a variety of platforms that is engaging customers. Also, prospects on a daily basis while also representing your brand with a human touch.

What to Include in a Customer Journey Map

When your customers visit your site, they begin a journey. Just like any journey, your customers’ journey can have twists and turns, sidetracked adventures, moments of doubt, and more. The key here is to get the customer to end their journey with the competition of a transaction. Ovik Mkrtchyan

While this sounds easy, the reality is that it’s often challenging. In fact, if you’ve ever taken a hard look at your conversion and bounce rates. You might notice visitors begin a journey on your site. But for some reason, some never see things through to completion. To remedy this, consider utilizing a customer engagement journey guide.

How Does a Guide Help?

A customer engagement journey guide can provide you. Also, your company with unique insights into the customer experience by highlighting pain points. Decision points, and other moments along with the customer journey experience. This guide then allows you and your team to see where adjustments can be made to engagement strategies to reduce the potential for things like abandoned carts while at the same time improving conversions.

Your guide will also require a framework to be established based on the specifics of your business and your customers. Perhaps there is a certain aspect of your product or service that is more likely to give a potential customer a moment of pause.

This can be something like introducing price when you offer a premium product. Being able to see where changes to a journey are taking place using your guide as a starting point can help your company to position these moments in such a way as to lessen a negative impact and bring about a positive decision. If you need a customer engagement journey guide, visit this website.

The Journey Doesn’t Have to End

Finalizing a sale ends the customer’s journey at the moment. But keep in mind that it’s often a good idea to encourage further journeys. This can be done through follow-up marketing efforts that can include newsletters. Surveys about a customer’s experience with a product, and more. If you properly follow a customer after the sale. You stand the chance of being the final stop on many more purchasing journeys in the future.

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