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How to Know What’s Number of Hair Grafts I Require for Hair Transplant

On visiting the clinic for hair transplant, the common question they have is “how many hair grafts I need for hair transplants?” No anticipated answer is there to this question. Hair grafts number depends on numerous aspects. Even it varies from an individual to another.

Only a surgeon can give accurate answer to this question by examining the patient’s hair density, condition and type especially in donor area. Read on this blog to know what factors are attributing in determining the hair grafting number.  

What are hair grafts?

Hair grafts are groups of hair having 4, 3, 2 or 1 hair strand. It varies from a person to another. Groups are the grafts which vary in terms of hair strands number.

Number of strands is possible to transplant in a session

Back side of head usually regards as donor area and around 4000 hair grafts will transplant using FUT (follicular unit transplant) procedure. But if you go for FUE (follicular unite extraction) then about 2000 hair grafting will need. Every graft will have two hairs making an approx 4000 follicles along 8000 hair strands in the end.

In some patients, donor area lacks of sufficient hair grafts for transplant process. In such situations you need to consult with the surgeons who will assess the case extensively and find out right solution for hair transplant.

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Number of hair grafts I need

The surgeons will assess the hair loss condition and the aspects to determine right hair graft number for successful hair transplant solution. You must know that certain aspects will contribute in determination of hair grafts number. They are:

1. Balding size needs coverage

Hair graft number mainly depends on bald area size you want to take into account. As large as the area is as more grafts will need.

2. Hair thinning extent

Hair thinning extent and type has a vital role in choosing the grafting number. Basically, you have to make the hairline appears natural. At present, there is no proven cure for the progressive hair loss. Only hair restoration solution can address the future and present hair thinning making you obtain best outcome.

3. Hair quality in donor area

Generally, back of head selects as hair grafting extraction site. Later it will transplant on balding area. So, both volume and quality of donor area is pivotal. In case the donor hair is thick and dense then less graft number will need.

4. Hair restoration kind you choose

FUE uses 2000 grafts and FUT uses 4000 grafts to transplant in maximum. So, it is imperative to choose the hair transplant solution for having grafts number needed.

5. Your budget

Our expert team at Turkey Hair Transplants keeps the budget of the patient in mind delivering them with most appropriate solution. Depending on the treatment they will determine number of hair grafts need for the patients.

In case you are looking for ideal solution then Turkey hair Transplants in the UK is the right destination for you. They hair experts can offer best guidance of right transplant solution. Turkey Hair Surgeons are highly experienced in Hair Transplant, eyebrow transplant etc.

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