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Home Improvement

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Always heard to get service of Air conditioner, but Is it necessary to clean AC? And the answer is, yes. When here connections from the clear and fast flow of electricity can save you 1000s on the electricity bill, clean Air Conditioner can save your health.

The air conditioner is like a best friend’s soothing company in harsh summers. But, what to do to make life longer of your AC?

How to clean Air Conditioner at home and save a lot AC services.

Though some the companies provide free service for a while or a routine check-up life of AC is much longer than that period of time and the visiting staff has charges just to visit your place. And that will cost you nearly the same as an outside mechanic visiting and doing a normal cleaning for you. List of things you should know while maintaining AC at home:-

  • How to open ac?
  • Where is the circuit board?
  • How to clean filters?
  • Where the ac is placed? this point says most about how and when to clean its filter or vent.

Here, are 5 tricks to keep your Air Conditioner working well.

  1. Area to keep the outer unit

While placing AC the main part is where to place the outer unit of AC? It should be placed in an open area. This will help the machine to cool down and tip to keep it clean, wash it once a year if you have knowledge of ac wiring, or brush it in a while. If you live in a place where there is a lot of trees you might have to clean and cover them when not in use.

  1. Filters

Blockage in AC filters can stop the flow of air and your room won’t chill down. To clean your Air Conditioner Filters, you just have to take them out and put them under a tap of flowing water, this will remove the blockage, and after they are dried put them back in place. Or you can even dry rub it with the help of any brush. Or You can contact Ac Repair in Kolkata Professionals to get it repaired.

  1. Check for rat houses

Before turning AC on, check out for mice in the outer box. If there are any remove them and check about the damage in circuits.

  1. Check Air Conditioner Circuits

Here comes the main part, keeping strong wiring and a healthy circuit saves you up to 1000s of Rupees on the bill of electricity and can even save your house from short circuits. Tip: – check every wire coming out of ac, replace if you see any cut, or ask your electrician about the load that wire will be able to handle.

  1. Inspect the Air Conditioner condensate drain

Water coming out of AC can be blocked by the dirt or can have leakage or spill due to various reasons. Though ACs can be maintained by oneself it is even necessary to take Ac Repair in Delhi professional checks once in a while.

Conclusion: –

AC can have a longer life with tricks given above, and simple regular cleaning and save you so much money from AC. no matter, AC can be used for sufficient hours.

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