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Computers and Technology

How To Monetize A Blog in 2022

Many people share their experiences, opinions and advice online by creating a blog. Monetizing their blog can provide them with a significant source of income. You can contact PPC Management Services Agency.

How to make money with a blog?

To make money with a blog, different techniques are possible:

  • advertising space,
  • sponsored content,
  • membership,
  • Sale of digital products or services,
  • Membership Plan,
  • Ecommerce website.

Advertising spaces

When it comes to making money with a blog, the first solution that comes to mind is online advertising, also called display in English. However, this technique is not very profitable for a blog that has low traffic. Online advertising is therefore more interesting for websites that attract significant traffic.

A blog can use display advertising networks like Google AdSense, PropellerAds,, and InfoLinks. These agencies dedicated to online advertising offer portfolios of sites to several advertisers and advertising retargeting, or retargeting, through Google Ads ads.

There are several compensation models for online advertising:

  • The “cost per click” CPC: remuneration according to the “clicks” on the advertisement;
  • The CPM “cost per 1000 ad impressions”;
  • The “cost per view” CPV: remuneration according to the number of views on the advertisement;
  • CPL “cost per lead”: remuneration based on the number of contacts generated through advertising;
  • CPS “cost per sale”: remuneration based on the number of sales made through advertising;
  • The “cost per installation” CPI: remuneration based on the number of actual installations of an application or game, for example.

Advertising networks are intermediaries between companies wishing to communicate and the advertising space available on the web. These agencies, therefore, take a share of the amount paid by advertisers in return.

To earn a larger sum and be able to control the price of advertising space, a blogger can also sell advertising space on their blog directly to advertisers, without involving a third party. Remuneration will mainly depend on blog traffic and can be negotiated on a monthly basis.

Be careful not to abuse online advertising, which can harm the user experience and serve a website.

How to manage your blog and produce articles with ease?

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content refers to articles written to promote the merits of an advertiser’s product, service or brand. Content can take the form of a product announcement, infographic, or review. These contents are published on the blog in exchange for remuneration. The advertiser can write the sponsored content himself and submit it to the blogger, who has a say in what he publishes. He can therefore suggest modifications before publication. The blogger or blogger can also write this content and thus demand higher pricing from the advertiser.

However, one key element must be taken into account: the article cannot deal with just any subject. The themes must interest the target audience of his blog. Sponsored articles must therefore talk about a subject related to the usual theme of the blog and respect its editorial line.

This monetization practice is not for beginners. Indeed, to attract advertisers and earn money with a blog, the site must already have achieved significant traffic and its author must be recognized as influential. The blogger can then deal directly with the advertiser or use a dedicated platform that will take into account their visibility and degree of influence. It will then be time to set the theme, the number of words, the price, etc.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make money online with a blog. This practice relies on the integration of trackable links on blog pages to promote advertisers’ products and services. These links are found integrated into the texts of the blog, in the banners, or in other advertising inserts. The Internet user clicks on the link, then if he concludes a purchase, the blogger receives a percentage or a fixed commission. The commission can range from 5% and 70% of the sale amount, so it is an interesting operation.

It is possible to use different affiliate platforms or work directly with advertisers. If the blogger uses a product he likes, then he contacts the advertiser, who has his own affiliate program. Affiliation then leaves no room for negotiation, but the blogger or blogger will benefit from a simple system to use. A simple and effective method to earn money with a blog!

Selling a digital product or service

On their blog, the blogger can create and sell their own digital products or services, such as online training or a white paper, to highlight their expertise on a favorite subject. This method certainly requires a strong investment of time to create the digital product, but it is very rewarding and requires little maintenance. It is thus possible to concentrate on the growth of the audience of the blog and the sale of its offer.

When to start monetizing your blog?

To earn money with a blog, you have to monetize your site from its creation, even if it will be complicated to earn money in the first months. Not everything is always free on a blog and visitors have to get used to that. Indeed, a blogger must give his expertise in exchange for compensation, but he must bring real added value to Internet users.

Earning money with a blog may seem simple at first glance, but you have to know how to pay particular attention to certain elements:

  • Get regular traffic,
  • Increase your mailing list
  • Set a monetization goal and the means to achieve it, that is to say, establish your monetization strategy according to the current and future situation of the blog.

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