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How to naturally make your lips appear bigger

If there is one thing the Kardashian/Jenner families have taught us, it is that a large contour and a well-shaped lip can make a huge difference without the need for surgery. To get that pout like Kylie Jenner, you can use the techniques she used before she started using lip fillers. This content is imported via poll.

You might find the exact same content in another format. Or, you could find more information on their steeper-injections (think 2014 Tumbler Kylie), she used hacking to increase her lips. People thought that she had gotten injections.

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Her secret? The secret is simple makeup techniques that are easy to use with affordable drugstore remedies that nearly anyone can do. Simply apply concealed to your skin, then exfoliate and over-line. Finally, use a little gloss for lip-plumping. Easy!

1. Exfoliate

This is step number 1 and it’s important. Prior to trying any other methods, exfoliate the lips. Flaky lips reflect less sunlight, so a dry, flaky lip could make your lips appear smaller than they really are. You can remove flakes by lightly brushing your lips with a toothbrush. You will also get a more radiant complexion thanks to the increased circulation.

Beauty Smartens

Get a hydrating sugar lips scrub to make your exfoliation more professional. This is another step that you can add to your skincare routine. But it’s worth it.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Ever notice how your lips feel when your Hydro Flask isn’t at home? If your body isn’t getting enough water, your lips can actually shrink and disappear. You can bring out the most gorgeous lippies naturally by drinking lots of water (which btw is just a good choice in general).

3. Over-Line Your Lips

Before Kylie Jenner surgery to enhance her lips used this trick. Lipstick can’t be applied all over the face. This will make your skin look like Miranda Sings. For blurred lips and a smoother look, apply concealer first your lip color.

This makeup trick, although it’s a popular beauty vlogger favorite, is really simple to do. Apply your favorite lipstick to your lips. Next, draw a line around your natural lip line with a lip liner. Apply the matching lipstick to your lips, or simply use the liner to fill in your entire pout.

4. Highlight with Gloss

This quick trick will draw attention towards your lips in just two seconds. Take your favorite gloss, or pick a color that matches your lipstick. Then apply the gloss to the middle of your lips. The shimmery product is able to pick up light and make your pout look bigger.

5. You can try a plumping therapy

Dr. Dennis Gross’s Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Liquid Lip Cushion gives definition to the lips and increases hydration to increase volume. This is my personal favorite of all the plumping balms, lip glosses, and treatments. It really works like a dream. I noticed a much fuller appearance to my lips, no need for needles after only one application.

6. Double the Nude Lip Color!

Looking for bigger lips? Sims, dimension is all you need. Layering color adds dimension to your pout. Let’s see how to do it: Use one color on your lips, then add another shade (or even a lip crayon) in your middle.

Kathleen Kamphausen

You’ll also make your lips look fuller and more even. It’s possible to have a fuller upper lip and a slimmer lower lip.

7. Apply Concealer Immediately After Lipstick.

Wondering how makeup artists manage to get flawless, Face Tune-perfect lipsticks? Face Tune is a part of the secret, but this concealer hack is the main reason. It is important to apply concealer before lipstick and after. Use a small brush to outline the outer edges of your already-lined lips. You’ll be amazed at how bright your lipstick pops.

8. Lip Balms Are Essential.

Lip balms aren’t as much fun to shop for than new eye shadow colors. But, they’re an essential part your beauty routine. Your lips are delicate. They need to be well hydrated. You can drink water (see point 2), and then use a lip balm to soften the lips. Healthy lips will reach their highest and best potential.

9. under your bottom lip, add a contour color

This hack is a well-kept secret in the beauty industry. This hack is super easy and quick! You might find the same content elsewhere, or find additional information on their website.

Once you’ve applied all your lipsticks (we know you use many), dust a powder contour shade onto a small fluffy bristle and apply it to your bottom lip. This will make your lips look fuller and darker. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to lightly tap into your contour color — you can always use more later if needed!

10. Lip Masks…Trust Them!

Lip masks make it easy to give your lips the perfect pout. The majority of lip masks on market are infused in collagen. This helps to reduce fine lines and smoothen your lips. Some are made to look like sheet-masks. This is because they are intended to be used directly on your lips so the collagen (and any other beneficial ingredients) can absorb. A lip balm can be applied over gel masks if you don’t like the idea.

11. You can try the Gua Sha Lip-plumping Method

You are probably asking, “What is Gua Sha?” You can rest assured that I tried it. Did you ever see someone using a stone to highlight their jaw line or cheekbones with a stone? This is one Gua Sha technique that involves using a tool to apply pressure to relieve tension.

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