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Travel and Leisure

How to Pack Smarter? 10 Things You Don’t Need

Traveling is an experience that is both educational and fun. While we always want to have everything we need, as we become more familiar with packing and travel, we begin to realize that we need to pack smarter.

Although you’ve likely read many articles on packing for a trip, professional travelers rarely tell you what to put in your suitcase. Are you ready to pack smarter? These are 10 things that you ankara escort can leave at home and don’t need to bring to make your suitcase lighter.

Lots of Cotton Clothes

What do you see when you think of cotton? Fluffy stuff, right? Fluffy stuff takes up more space and is harder to dry once wet.

While I don’t recommend that you avoid cotton products, it is a good idea to pack a variety with more Polyester or other synthetics. They take up less space and dry faster than cotton.

Layering for winter means layering with lighter, thinner items and a jacket/sweater instead of one bulky coat.

Layering is a great idea. Don’t pack more clothing than you actually need.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion

While we all love the products that we use, it is not practical to take up space when traveling with shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. You will find everything you need, even if you’re camping or staying in hostels. You can always buy your hotel’s amenities at a nearby pharmacy or grocery store if you aren’t sure you’ll like them.

You must bring your favorite shampoo. If you have to carry it with you, make sure you get the right size container. If you need to check it, take it out of the original container and place it in smaller containers. These are travel containers for toiletries.

Nice Shoes

You might want to bring a pair of nice shoes to wear to a party or to make yourself look good. However, it is not wise to just take your most expensive pair of shoes with you to that event.

Choose wisely your casual or day-to-day shoes. You can pair them with your evening outfit and still be comfortable enough to go for miles.

Multiple pairs of jeans

This may be something you’ve learned the hard way, but denim is heavy, bulky, and slow drying if washed on the road. It is best to only take one or two pairs of jeans with you on your trip.

I don’t believe I have any denim jeans anymore (I prefer American Eagle’s Dream Jeggings and Old Navy’s Rock Star Jeggings), but I do not travel with more than two pairs of jean-like pants.

Why? Because I can wear them more than once before they need to be washed and because they take up more space than a pair of (comfier!) leggings or a gown.

Extra Gadgets

Take a hard look at what gadgets are most important to you. Although the definition of ‘need’ can vary from one person to another, reducing these gadgets will allow you to reduce bulky and heavy chargers and adaptors. ……Do you truly need an electronic toothbrush/hair dryer/travel or/insert device of your choice?

You can decide what is most important to you, but it may be that you lose some of the importance of things you used at home once you start living the travel lifestyle.

But there are some important things to take into consideration if you want to travel to Europe.


Even if you are on a 5-star cruise, don’t bring your expensive jewelry. Don’t flaunt flashy stuff. When traveling through markets or train stations, I recommend that women flip their engagement rings upside down so that the stones are facing them.

You can bring expensive jewelry to a special occasion, such as a wedding, but don’t worry about it. Don’t take it with you to the shops every day. I recommend that you leave your valuables at the front desk of hotels or cruise ships, or in safes.

Towels & Extra Toiletries

It’s understandable that you love a certain brand of shampoo. The best way to travel light and save money is to only bring the essentials that you will need to get through your first day of the trip.

If you are staying in hotels, most likely they will provide you with the necessary toiletries. Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and natural soap.

Many will also have toothpaste, razors, and toothbrushes available. Even worse, shampoo can be purchased in foreign countries. It’s often easier to pick up toiletries while on the road than it is at home, and they are usually cheaper.

In the same way, 99 percent of hotels offer towels. You can rent towels for a small fee if they don’t provide them. The microfibre travel towels can be amazing because they dry quickly and are super absorbent. However, a full towel can become bulky and it never seems dry enough to pack up. Mmmmm, musty luggage.

Favorite Food/Drink

Sometimes it’s not easy to find your favorite chocolate outside of your country. But there is something to consider.

You’re on vacation, but you do know that you are! You’re supposed to travel in order to immerse yourself in unfamiliar cultures. Get in the spirit of adventurous dining and leave your kitchen at home.

Extra Reading Books

While some people find the idea that life is impossible without reading difficult, it doesn’t mean that you should have enough books to last you for your entire trip. Nearly all hostels offer a book exchange, and many destinations have numerous second-hand book shops.

There are also other travelers who can exchange books with you. An e-reader is a great option if you have unusual reading preferences. It is small and lightweight, so you can access as many books as you want from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Hair and beauty products

It is unlikely that you can fit all your hair care products and make-up in one bag. It’s unlikely that you can squeeze all of your make-up and hair care products in there. It’s not necessary to use heat-resistant hair spray. In fact, it isn’t needed for the purposes you use it for. Ladies, embrace your beach-babe hairstyles and freshen up! It will not only lighten your bags but it will also do good for your hair.


Keep your luggage as light as you can and keep in mind that most of what you need can be bought in the destination country at a fraction of the cost of what it costs at home.

This strategy will make every trip more enjoyable.

I can assure you that carrying less, especially in backpacks, is much easier than lugging around a heavy, bulky, and cumbersome pack.

See more articles about traveling-Ticarticle.

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