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How To Rekey A Kwikset SmartKey Lock Without The Original Key

Nowadays, homeowners do not need to engage a locksmith to rekey locks because changing a Kwikset SmartKey lock is simple enough for anyone. But, if you don’t have a key, how to rekey a Kwikset smart key lock without the original key and still get the job done?

There is still a good solution to this problem, even if your original key is missing. Rekey lock in Elmwood park provides affordable service to make rekey your door locks. This article explains how to rekey a Kwikset smart key lock without the original key straightforwardly and cost-effectively that only takes a few minutes.

Before we begin, make sure you know what kind of Kwikset lock you have in your doors. Check to see if there’s a tiny oval hole next to the keyhole. If so, you’re looking at a Smart Key Kwikset lock.

What Is the SmartKey Feature and How Does It Work?

Insert the original functional key into the lock to execute a Kwikset SmartKey rekey if you have it. This lock has a small hole because you can put this Kwikset SmartKey into it by turning your key 90 degrees.

If the SmartKey is already within the door lock, you may remove the original key and replace it with a new one. The Kwikset Smart Lock has been successfully rekeyed and is ready for service with a new key in just minutes.

However, if you don’t have the original key, you won’t be able to turn the cylinder to the desired 90 degrees. Furthermore, you cannot use SmartKey to rekey this door lock. After disassembling the lock, one option is to do a manual Kwikset smart lock rekey.

Inside the Lock, You’ll Find the Following Components.

During the breakdown of the Kwikset SmartKey lock mechanism, you will come across some basic pieces. These components are as follows:

  • In this door mechanism, the casing holds the cylinder.
  • The plug is held in place by the cylinder core.
  • Wafers enable the locking mechanism on the cylinder plug.
  • Wafers’ small and thin levers maintain the complete locking mechanism.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Rekeying a Kwikset Lock Without the original key

Step 1: Collect the necessary tools and set up your workspace

The first step in rekeying a Kwikset smartkey lock without the original key is to gather the necessary materials and set up a work area. As your immediate workspace, setting up a proper bench or table is preferable, and don’t forget about a strong light source.

Invest in a magnifying glass so you can operate efficiently with both hands during the rekeying process. I propose using tweezers or another small tool to make manipulating all of the components easier on your own, even if you don’t have any professional expertise.

Step 2: Remove the Lock from the Door

This lock’s outer and inner assemblies are held together by two screws, which you must remove. If the safety has key slots on both sides, you’ll need to rekey both cylinder sets for your new key to operate in both directions.

Step 3: Take The Cylinder Out Of Its Case

Make your Kwikset smart lock cylinder fall out of its casing. Remove the container and inspect the cylinder’s core. The cylinder core is held inside the lock case by a retaining clip. The clip will also slide to the side, making it easier to release the cylinder.

The most difficult task will be getting this retaining clip out of its place without harming it. Selecting two small flathead screwdrivers and doing the operation with sufficient patience would be the perfect choice for this task.

Step 4: Remove the cylinder’s plug.

Aligning the wafers with shear points will aid in the successful removal of the plug from the cylinder. For wafer manipulation, a pick is an optimum solution, but any small instrument that is thin and small enough to fit into this keyhole would suffice.

While manipulating the lock’s wafers up and down with the tool, gently push on the plug. It may be difficult to position the wafers at first, but persevere. This plug will fall out of the core once all wafers have aligned with shear points.

Step 5: Take Care When Removing The Plug From The Core

The plug is a combination of two pieces, and as soon as you remove them from the core, they will begin to separate. You must hang on to the plug because interior parts will fall out if it separates. 

Step 7: Replace the old key with a new one

This step requires you to slide the new key into the key while holding the reset tab. Release your reset key when you fully put your new key into the plug. Your Kwikset SmartKey Lock is rekeying at this point. Lock Installation in Oak Park provides the best service for installing new locks.

Step 8: Put Your Lock Back Together

Find the sequence in which you disassembled the lock and rebuilt it in the opposite direction. It’s critical to keep the plugin in place and not separate the two parts. Replace the plugin with the lock’s core and replace the lock on your door for usage with a new key.

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