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How to Take Care Of One Piece Walking Sticks?

How to Take Care Of One Piece Walking Sticks?

While there are numerous one piece walking sticks material out there to choose from, wood never goes out of style. Sturdy, classic, and sophisticated, a wooden cane makes a suitable mobility device for people looking for a traditional feel and support that will last for a long time.

A walking cane is a device that people primarily use to get postural stability or support or maintain a good posture. Some designs also come as a fashion accessory or are used for self-defence. It is quite helpful if you have minor problems with balance or stability. If you are elderly, using a cane helps you walk more comfortably and safely.

But the question is how to properly take care of your wooden walking canes for men and women so that they stain good condition and perform at their best? Fortunately, it is easy to keep the walking cane in perfect shape from top to tip by keeping some simple things in mind. Let us see what they are:

  • Keep it dry

Usually, wooden walking canes are reliable, robust, and aesthetically tasteful. However, they are also porous by nature. So this means if you leave your cane in moist conditions, the wood is subjected to expansion as it will absorb the water in the environment and contract again when it eventually dries. This will potentially lead to flaking varnish or, in extreme cases, weakening the wood itself.

To keep your wooden walking cane stylish and strong, you must gently dry the stick with a soft cloth after taking it outside on rainy days. Moreover, you should also try to keep it in a dry and cool place in your house, such as on its stand or shelf.

  • Keep the tips fresh

Frequently replacing the rubber cane tip at the very bottom is one of the most cost-effective and powerful methods of keeping the walking stick functioning at its best. Much like the sole of a shoe, the rubber tape of a walking cane for women and men is the part that comes into contact with the ground. Thus, it gets worn down every time you use it.

Though small, the rubber cane is mighty and acts as a shock absorber. It maximizes the amount of surface contact that the tip of the cane has with the ground, thereby helping the user get the best possible support and stability as they walk. Therefore, whenever you notice that the bottom is becoming slanted or worn smooth, you must replace them.

Depending on the kind of stick you select, there are various tips to choose from. Thankfully you can change them quickly and easily. You have to twist the old one up to remove it, like the new one up to the bottom of the cane and push it firmly into place.

  • Keep it clean

Since the cane is your best companion while walking outside, you must regularly clean it. By doing so, you will ensure that it stays fully functional and stylish. You can easily clean it with a soft cloth and gentle cleaning solution or polish.

We recommend you avoid any harsh chemical cleaners to get the possible life out of your cane. It is especially important to choose a walking stick made of wood. Most wooden walking canes made today are finished with a special coating to help users keep them clean and look smart. However, strong cleaners and soap have the ability to strip away this coating. In addition, you can opt for a mild soap you water or nourishing wood polish to take good care of the cane.

These are some ways you can keep your one piece walking sticks in great condition.


Walking canes for men and women have proven extremely useful for people who have difficulty walking or maintaining stability. And, since many people like a wood-based cane, it is important to take good care of it to last long. Following the tips mentioned above might help you keep the cane in the best condition for years to come.

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