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Reference and Education

Importance of Citation and Referencing in Academic Writing

On a basic level, students mostly think that spending time in research. And presenting the research via the content of the academic writing is all they need. To be focused on and give importance to. Though there is a lot more than just the research. Writing is needed for the nourishment of the academic writing project. The citations and references are essential components of academic writing that add value to the content you have written. (Acker, 2019.) If you are looking for ways to add credibility to your content, you must consider citations. No other element can be more potent than referencing, favoring your content.

Students on a large scale find it boring and become lazy when they are asked to do the referencing or add the citations to their content, so they take help from the cheap assignment writing service. These assignment services always keep the part of referencing under consideration and work on that part with equal concentration. Whenever you lend the services from the outsource company and writers, you will see how smart they will do the citations and referencing.

However, there is still a question in the minds of many why the art of citations and referencing is given such importance when working on an academic writing project. So, read along to get the desired answer.

The Role of Citation and Referencing in Academic Writing

Verification of the facts

When students are working on science-related academic writing projects. They are always required to add some facts and figures to their write-ups. Naturally, this means that they need to look for some accurate sources because the accuracy should be kept in place no matter whichever subject is working on. Though the students would never take a risk on their academic writing projects by adding some vague information, how will the supervisor believe this fact?

 The only way to verify the accuracy of the facts to the supervisors you will add references to your content. It is similar to the GPA estimation of the student as per the progress via the GPA calculator UK. It will never let any supervisor be mistaken and will accurately guide them about the students’ academic progress. So, the supervisor will look upon the facts indulged with a reference attached to it and can simply follow the link to verify the added information. The referencing will not only work for the supervisors, but you can also follow the reference link and re-check the information before the final submission or cite some other study from the same link the reference will be beneficial.

Being Pro at conducting research

Suppose you want to be a good researcher by gaining inspiration from renowned researchers. In that case, it’s not a big deal anymore. The practice of going into detail and making a connection between the two open-ended directions will make you a better researcher. When you play your role in the part of the reference, you will be able to practice becoming a researcher. You will go into the research detail, the page number of the information, considering the correct spelling of the author names, and the accuracy of the facts you have extracted for your academic writing project.

The in-depth detail of each source of information will make you habitual of doing it. With such a habit, it will be easy to perform the critical analysis of the writing project at your end. Also, the bibliography trait and vast amount of information consolidated into one fact will boost your research skills.

Gives credit to the authors

When you are spending time on the part of referencing, never think that you are wasting your time on such a thing that does not even matter, but you should always praise yourself for taking out time for this vital part of the academic writing project. When you cite the information extracted from the sources, you are giving the desired credit to the authors. Suppose you ever forget to give the desired credit to the author and simply write down their part of the information in your content. In that case, they can sue you for stealing the content.

It might seem a small thing to write information extracted from some other article and write it down on your own, but it is not that small. If you aren’t mentioning their reference, this simply means that you are trying to showcase that you have written it with your efforts. So, here referencing is really important to eliminate such risks.

Eliminated the Plagiarism

Copying the content from different sites and writing on your content might be the most straightforward job, but do you know how many risks this act of yours contains? First, the copied content or the information would be highlighted as plagiarized content. Many students think that the supervisors or any person reading the content won’t get enough time to sit down and look for the plagiarized content. They believe that many software and tools out there can easily highlight plagiarized content.

Though we understand that you completely paraphrased the information collected from the website at times, it is still highlighted as plagiarized content. So, this happens when you miss out on doing the referencing. When your referencing is on point, believe that no matter what information your write and how exactly the words you paraphrased, there will be no popping up of the plagiarized content. (Padmanabhan, S. (2017).


Coming towards the end, remember that every piece of information is not supposed to be cited. Some particular types and kinds are in the thirst of getting cited. You should do the referencing when you are collecting the words, ideas, and information from;

  • Personal interviews
  • Letter and emails or forums of online discussions
  • Books and journals
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • File, documentation, advertisements, and even television programs
  • Lectures or tutors

The list is a bit lengthier, so look for the correct information that you need to cite. The citation process is not easy or complex, but it is just about how smartly you tackle things. Whereas, no matter the situation, you should never miss out on referencing. Ignoring such an essential part of the academic writing project. It is ok if you weren’t aware of this before because of the umbrella. The essential parts of academic writing. It is such a big one that most students are unaware of the great facts hidden. It’s never too late to take a step towards improving your skills.

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