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Is Amish Furniture Expensive?

Amish Furniture made by Amish people is:

  • wooden frame
  • Handcrafted
  • Customizable

Furniture made of solid wood is automatically priced higher. Why?

It will survive much longer than particle board, oriented strand board, or any other non-real wood “improved” product found in large box stores. Only the highest grade solid wood is used to create Amish furniture.

Natural solid wood, whether unpolished or stained to perfection, is not only durable but also appealing to the eye. Solid wood furniture is noticeable.

Handcrafted furniture requires a significant amount of time.

While automation is used in Amish woodshops to enhance the furniture, each item is still handled by a woodworker. It’s sculpted, chopped, inspected, and fine-tuned. This takes time, of course. Amish made furniture is made in a slow, methodical manner. They are generations-old processes that do not rely on shortcuts like mass-produced furniture does. Mortise and tenon joinery is one of these tried-and-true procedures. The tenon is fitted into the mortise using this strong and solid joint, resulting in strong and supportive linkages. Dovetailed joints are used in Amish made furniture drawers to provide a stronger connection that can withstand the pressures placed on them over time.

This high level of craftsmanship will be reflected in the price, but the furniture’s performance and the amount of time it will stay in your family will pay for itself over time.

The Arts and Crafts movement

which spanned the late 1800s and early 1900s, emphasized the importance of furniture-making skills while also honoring the craftsmen who put in the effort. The movement emphasized quality above quantity, and it opposed factory manufacture. To this day, Amish furniture adheres to this philosophy, taking the time to create high-quality furniture that both the artisan and the owner can be proud of.

Amish furniture is quite customizable, something many people are unaware of. The terms “customizable” and “custom” are two terms that give the furniture buyer a world of options. Customized furniture refers to the ability to choose options such as wood type, stain color, hardware, table extensions, and other features to make Amish furniture match your décor and meet your needs. You can contribute to a design to make something that meets your vision with unique measurements and modifications by ordering custom furniture. Both of these options mean you can design your own solid wood furniture.

A variety of factors influence Amish furniture prices.

Walnut wood is more expensive than oak since it is more difficult to come by. Walnut trees also don’t get as big as cherry trees, so there’s less available lumber per tree than with other hardwoods.

  • Size of furniture: Amish made furniture in larger sizes is more expensive. They will take more time and materials to construct than a smaller piece.
  • Customizations: Changing the measurements, adding features, and starting from scratch will increase the cost of your furniture.

What Is the Difference Between Amish Furniture and Furniture from the Big Box Stores?

To put it bluntly, shopping for furniture at a big box store will get you reduced costs and faster delivery, but at a price. Customizing the furniture for your home is not an option. It will degrade or wear out in a fraction of the time that Amish Office Furniture will. It is harmful to our environment when it is thrown off and ends up in a landfill. Is it truly a better deal when you consider all of these factors, as well as the expense of replacing it?

Are you familiar with the phrase “you get what you pay for”? We disagree, however, on the cost of Amish furniture. With Amish made furniture, you get exactly what you pay for.

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