Is Office Relocation in Mumbai Possible In a Month?

Probably no, when it comes to safe and smooth office relocation in Mumbai. Still, it can be done if someone is planning for it strategically with the help of the best packers and movers in Mumbai.

Usually, experts suggest planning for a move at least 18-12 months before the scheduled move. But sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Well, you need to not worry about this, I can help you plan your office move even if you don’t have enough time on your hand.

Although packing and moving office furniture and shifting the complete office to a new place is a challenging task yet one can do this successfully if planned well with one of the finest office relocation companies in Mumbai or anywhere in India.

Let’s see how to relocate your office in a month.

Step-by-step Guide To Plan Your Office Move In A Month

Inform your employees, customers, dealers, and suppliers

office shifting is not like home relocation, where you are the only one to take decisions and execute the moving process. You have staff and other members in your office to whom you will have to inform about your decision. Let them know the office is relocating to a new place. Send them the location. Ask them if they are compatible to come to the newer location. Or, if you will have to arrange a ‘work from home arrangement’ for any of your employees, do it immediately as you don’t have much time on your hand.

Apart from your employees, you might have several other people to inform about your moves like your customers, dealers, and suppliers. To run your business uninterruptedly, you will have to inform everyone associated with your business.

Change the address online and offline

Informing your customers and suppliers is not just enough, you will have to update your address everywhere you are listed. Change the address in the Google listing, update the address on your website, and also on the local listing to help you get founded by potential customers easily. Well, you can do this after shifting too but sometimes changing address takes a few days to get approved by the authorities. As a result, you will lose customers. It will affect your business and its growth, hence, it’s important to update the address as soon as possible.

Prepare for the move

Packing the entire office’s items, systems, and furniture is not easy. This will take lots of time from 1-3 days depending on the size of your office. Though moving companies there are to assist you yet you need to plan for it as early as possible. Moving companies will help you to pack and move your goods, but all the other things will be done by you and your employees.

To relocate smoothly, have a manager from every department. Ask the manager to lead their department in the moving process. All the important files and documents should be placed carefully. Also, ask them to have the backup file of all the documents. Each employee should pack their belongings by themselves. The movers will pack all the other items in the office.

Get insurance

To secure your move you will need to cover your goods with insurance. When you will finalize your deal with your movers and packers Mumbai to Ahmedabad ask everything about insurance coverage because this is the thing that gonna save you from facing losses. You can buy insurance from any insurance company but many office relocation companies in India provide insurance facilities along with complete packing and moving services. You just have to confirm it with your removalist.

Let them know you want to cover your goods against damages. They will let you know which insurance plan will be more beneficial for you. But, do not get fooled by any myths about transit insurance. Instead, talk to your movers, ask important questions, and clear all your doubts related to insurance. See how much extra you will have to pay for insurance and what all it will cover.

Book professional movers and packers

When an individual, family, or organization plans to relocate, they need professionals’ assistance in order to relocate successfully. Movers are experts in handling goods. Not only they are highly skilled in packing and moving goods but also they have the required resources that lead to a successful move. So, when you are planning to shift your office. You should immediately search for a reliable office relocation company in India.

But, it’s really important to know the authenticity of a removalist before hiring. Before hiring, check the company’s license, certification, and experience. If the company has the best market reputation and you can easily get recommendations from your friends and acquaintances, then that company is the best for you. You will never get cheated by such a company-Ticarticle.

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In Short,

It is possible to relocate an office in a month with proper planning and experts’ assistance. If you need to move your office immediately and you don’t have much time on your hand, then follow the tips that we have discussed above. These will help you move without any hassles.


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