Islam Promotes Equality

Islam is a complete code of life that teaches us about everyday issues. The Quran contains Allah’s solutions to all problems. All people are equal in Allah’s eyes, but they have different abilities, potentials, ambitions, wealth, etc. Islam promotes equality among Muslims because all Muslims are equal in Allah’s eyes. Quran teacher in the USA explained the equality in terms of Islam and the Quran below.

We should all remember that equality is a core Islamic value. The only distinction Allah recognizes is holiness, and the only principle Allah applies is goodness and spiritual excellence. Quran equals Allah says in the Quran, “O mankind, We created you from a single male and female and made you into nations and tribes so you can know each other.” Almighty Allah honors the righteous most. Almighty Allah considers us all equal, except for piety.

Islam’s equality

Islam’s message is for everyone. According to Islam, Allah (SWT) created the world, and Muhammad (SAW) is Allah’s messenger to humanity. Islam unites everyone without discrimination. It doesn’t differentiate between races, genders, colors, or beliefs. Islam considers everyone equal because we’re all equal in Allah’s eyes. All humans are descended from Adam, who was made of mud. Islam treats men and women equal before Allah.

Islam’s principles of equality include:

One Eternal Creator, Supreme Lord, creates all men.

All humans share Adam and Eve’s lineage.

All of Allah’s creatures are just and kind. He’s neutral on race, age, and religion.

All of humanity is Allah’s creation.

All people are born equal because none brings any dominion with him, and they die because none brings any possessions with him.

Allah judges everyone based on their merits and deeds.

Allah has debated man, an honorable and dignified title.

According to the Quran, everyone is equal before Allah; what separates humans is their actions during their time on earth. The Quran encourages without commanding kindness to enslaved people and recommends their liberation by purchase or mannerism.

Allah considers everyone equal except for holiness and righteousness. Those with these two qualities have a better standing in Allah’s court. Islam has nothing to do with racial, cultural, or social discrimination.

Piety and righteousness, not skin color or sect, determine a person’s standing. If all humanity would forget the hatred produced by racial discrimination, the world could become a peaceful place with a bright future. Islam teaches us to spread the message of equality.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “O humanity, your Lord is one, and your father is One.” Adam was created from the earth, so you all descended from him. God’s uprightness honors him most among you. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no color to a white, or a white to color, except by Taqwa (piety).

In the mosques where Friday prayer is held once a week and the five daily prayers.

Equality is exercised practically, and all differences vanish among people. That is, whoever came to the Mosque first, took his place in the front rows regardless of his financial state or position, and whoever came late, his plane was late. Look at any row among the prayer rows. You will find in that row the rich and poor, the knowledgeable and the one with no knowledge, the Arab and the non-Arab, no differences all the same in the sight of Allah (SWT), their direction during prayer, as well as their reveled book, as their Lord is one and only.

From all the sayings mentioned above and discussion, we can conclude that Islam spreads the message of equality not just theoretically but also practically, as explained by offering five-time prayer in the Mosque in one row with all other Muslims, rich or poor. We should also promote equality to spread peace without racial or sectarian discrimination. We should follow Islamic equality teachings. Please spread the message of equality to teach Muslims that they are one brotherhood and humanity.

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