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Office cleaning: where more dirt accumulates

One of the services we offer at SCS Group Cleaning Solution is office cleaning. We know that these spaces must be in perfect condition, not only to give a good image, but also so that workers can carry out their tasks in a clean, disinfected, and ventilated environment.

This is why today we want to talk to you about dirt and where it accumulates most often.

Electronic devices, the large dust collectors

Printers, computers, projectors… It seems incredible, but these electronic devices that are easy to find in any office accumulate a large amount of dust. If in-office cleaning we delve a little into the cables, then we are going to find lint and accumulated dirt that no one has noticed. Therefore, at SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we focus a lot on this.

Dust is harmful to health, it causes allergy sufferers to experience unpleasant symptoms while working and this is very uncomfortable. For this reason, in office cleaning, we take care of unplugging all the elements before cleaning and disinfecting them. Well, since many people use electronic devices, it is normal that they are the ideal environment for bacteria.

Blinds, the most forgotten during office cleaning

Another place where more dirt accumulates in the blinds. We usually forget these during office cleaning, that’s why at Cleaners SCS Group Cleaning Solution we always pay attention to them. We know that dirt can distract, reduce productivity, and affect the well-being of workers and the image of the company. Therefore, the blinds will be clean thanks to our cleaning professionals.

Plants give life to space but accumulate dust

Plants give offices a lot of life, they make them much more pleasant and welcoming. However, as with blinds, they are often not given due importance during office cleaning. There is always dust on its leaves, which is why at SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we use a soft microfiber cloth to gently remove it without damaging the plants. Doing it frequently is vital.

Carpets and rugs attract all kinds of dirt

Carpets and rugs always need proper vacuuming to remove any type of dirt. In addition, if there are any stains at SCS Group, we prepared our professionals to remove them and leave the carpets and rugs as good as new. Walking over them with street shoes makes them very dirty and also attracts dust.

Furniture, the place where dirt is most noticeable

Finally, we cannot forget about the furniture. We are referring to the desk, shelves, side tables, etc. These are resources that are in every office and that accumulate a lot of dust if there is no regular office cleaning. This causes the spaces to show very little care and will also cause a feeling of disorder that will affect work performance.

We must remember a good work environment must be clean, tidy, and ventilated. We can notice even dirt that is not seen in the environment. At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we do an efficient and exhaustive cleaning so that the offices are always in perfect condition. Sitting at the desk and having it full of dust is not pleasant for anyone, so this needs to be fixed.

Our cleaning service for offices at SCS Group Cleaning Solution has its own machinery and everything necessary to keep the offices free of any type of dirt. We know that this is very important to ensure well-being at work and ensure more effective work performance. Get in contact with us!

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