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Outsource CAM Audit Services and Cutback Unnecessary Costs

Outsource CAM Audit Services

Landlords are often held responsible for billing CAM costs, which considered one of the most tedious and complex processes. CAM audits collected from tenants for the maintenance of common areas within the property, such as the parking lot, services like snow removal, trash pickup, and other janitorial services, and the repairs, including elevator, sidewalk, etc. These CAM expenses calculated depending on various factors and will be a part of the lease agreement. Maintaining and billing the CAM expenses are no piece of cake. It involves gathering bills, keeping records of all the repairs, and so on. It has done with great care and accuracy.

Faulty or erroneous CAM expenses will burn the bridge between the tenant and the landlord and spoil the reputation of the business owner. Therefore, it is vital to keep tabs on all the expenses and bill them honestly to maintain a healthy relationship with your tenant.

Common errors in CAM billing

We just learned what CAM cost is. Now let us see how it calculated and the common errors landlords commit while billing. A proportion of the operating expenses of the premises passed onto the tenants and billed based on the estimation throughout the year. This is later reconciled with the actual amount, and the tenants are either given a rebate if they have paid more than the actual or sent extra invoices if what they have paid is less than the expenses actually incurred. Generally, this is when errors occur. On its face, CAM calculations seem easy, but as you keep going, you feel the task to be grueling.

Unintentionally, landlords bill expenses that do not fall under the CAM category. For instance, repair work done in your neighbor’s house would have billed to you, which could inflate CAM invoices. Landlords charge exorbitant rates due to misinterpretation of CAM expenses and categorization.

How outsourcing can help?

We now understand that CAM costs must billed with the highest precision and accuracy to avoid possible consequences. But thinking of how to achieve it? Here is the solution. Outsource it to a professional firm that provides the best-in-class CAM audit services!

Certified consultants find overcharges and inaccuracies in the billing. The firms equipped with adepts who have access to the right tools and domain knowledge to help you deal with it. They first get familiar with your lease agreement and then determine whether you billed as per the lease terms. After thorough evaluation, if the experts find any errors or miscalculations, they immediately take action to rectify them. This ensures that both the tenants and the landlord are being benefited, and the credibility strengthened.


Calculating CAM expenses and reconciling them given low precedence. But they top the priority list and must taken into serious consideration to avert financial loss to both the tenant and the landlord. For businesses, CAM charges form an integral part of the commercial lease cost, and even a minor error could bring a drastic difference in the billing. CAM audit can help landlords streamline their process, rectify inaccuracies, and identify legitimate expenses, and the tenants only pay what they supposed to as per the lease agreement. With all this said, outsourcing CAM audit services can save you time and your hard-earned money. Third-party experts shoulder the burden and guarantee accuracy without the need to break the bank.

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