Play Call Break Game to Win Cash

Who all know how to play call break multiplayer game? It is a very fun game though! Also it is a very popular game which is widely played and is very much popular in Nepal, Bangalore and many parts of India. This is a card game which includes some erudite mind tricks which will help you to win the game. 

The game has been known for many years and is played from ages all-around the world. Now, the widely popular game has taken a new turn and is available to our players in their smart phones as well. People can play and also earn real money with the game. Our players do not have to go anywhere but they have this amazing opportunity to have fun while playing at their homes. This chance is also offering them some huge cash and winning rewards also which attracts many other players as well. 

Call break multiplayer comes with some of the features like,

  • The player can play with computer
  • The player can play with people or some live opponents in the game. 
  • Any contacts of your whatsapp

These are some of the options available for you to play. 


Firstly, you can download the call break multiplayer game in your android phones. It is one of the best games present at the google play store and people can have an easy download for the game as well. The game has a huge fan base and because of that growing demand for the game, the game has been made available to the smart phones with the option to earn real money also. It makes this game much more exciting for people. 

Now, as the name also suggests, the call break multiplayer game allows a user to play with 3 more live opponents and make the game much more interesting. Also the game has a special security code and a smart algorithm to keep the hackers and the cheaters away from the game. therefore, if you love the card games for your fun purpose, you can also the play the game now to make money in your free time while having fun. You just have to download the call break multiplayer game and let the fun begin in your free time. 


If you are a newbie for the game, don’t worry! We are here to help you in every aspect of the game now. Let’s discuss the basic technique for the game so that you can understand better and have a good game!

The game is normally played among 4 players and it is a pack of 52 cards. There are generally 5 rounds played in the game. the player who has managed to make the highest points in the game after all the 5 rounds then that player is declared as the winner. 

Every player gets 13 cards in the start of the game and the game starts in the anti-clockwise direction. It rotates till no player has left with any card. 

When one round gets finished, the player will get the points according to their starting call. 

If they would have a less score than their call, they would get a negative point for the same. And if they score more points from the starting bet then there would be extra points that would be added in the form of some decimal points. 

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